You're Having a Bad Day...

Hey everybody. : ) Here's a poem I wrote...hope it encourages and inspires you.

You're Having a Bad Day...

You’re having a bad day,
But it’ll be alright, it’ll be OK-
You’ve just got to hold on,
You’ve just got to be strong-
Because Jesus is always going to be with you,
And He knows exactly what you’re going through.

You’re trying to survive these tough times, I know,
The Lord is there to love, comfort and protect, though.
You’re stressed, yes, and under those conditions I would be the same,
When it comes to coping with pain human beings can be pretty lame-
But God is not like that, He’s graceful, caring and invincible-
Yes, our God is absolutely, utterly, amazingly wonderful!

You’re having a bad day,
But it’ll be alright, it’ll be OK-
You’ve just got to hold on,
You’ve just got to be strong.
Put all of your trust in the Lord completely,
And He will guide you always, don’t worry.

Yes, it’s hard, but that’s part of being a child of God,
We have to suffer and be a servant for Him, like it or not-
But the Lord said he’d be there for us, and He’s true,
Every day, anywhere, every second He’s there for you.
Have faith, copy Jesus Christ and hold your chin high-
We’re here to spread the gospel and praise the Lord, right?
You had a bad day.
But that’s OK.
We all have days like those,
Just got to hold on,
Just got to be strong,
And the Lord will give you the strength.
So look to Him everyday-
Don’t ever forget to pray.
God’s watching over you, He cares,
Don’t give up, don’t you ever dare.
You had a bad day-
That’s alright, that’s OK,
You’ve just got to hold on,
Just got to be strong.



Hi guys! Yesterday it snowed...and snowed...big fat flakes, and then smaller ones, and then back to  big ones. : ) Here are some pictures...

Snowflakes are absolute wonders. So delicate and fantastically created...and, who created them? Only the most awesome savior, the creator of the universe and the creator of my family...we are all wonderfully and fearfully made, in the image of God, which is way more beautiful than snowflakes...

It was great to have some snow...our city is not usually known for that! We enjoyed ourselves thoroughly - savoring every moment. The trampoline was so slippery and coated with snow - all the more fun to play on!
This is a good memory I plan to keep. : )

(Bonus pic before I log off! ;) Just an image my Mom took when Belle had her first litter of puppies...we made the hats ourselves!)