The Q&A Blog Award

Hey guys! I hope you're doing well. :) I was awarded the Q&A blog award by Braelyn. Thank you so much!
These are the rules:
1. Post award and rules on your blog.
2. Answer all 10 questions that are given to you.
3. Award 3 other bloggers.
4. Tell them in a comment on their blog that you have awarded them.
Now here are my questions:
1. What is your favourite colour? - Red, pink or blue!
2. If you had to be stranded between the desert or the frozen artic, which would it be? - The frozen artic.
3. Whats your favourite animal? - I think it would be a dog or horse, but I like cats and big cats too. :)
4. What do you like to do when it's raining? - Read or blog!
5. If you could star in any movie, what movie would it be? - The Sound Of Music.
6. If you could have anyone in the whole world to come to your birthday party, who would it be? - Definitely my Dad, Mom and siblings.
7. What creature are you most afraid of? - I would say a bear or a shark.
8. If you could have any animal in the whole wide world to be your pet, what would it be? - A lion!
9. What's your favourite hobby? - I have a lot, lol. ;) Reading, photographing, writing, art, tennis, swimming, blogging, baking and playing with my siblings. I love them all. :)
10. What are you most looking forward to this year? - Christmas. :D

The people I award can answer all those questions if they accept the award. But I'll remind you guys, you don't have to at all!
Here are the people I'm awarding:
Have a great day, everyone!
Best wishes,

The Versatile Blog Award

Hi everyone! I recently was awarded the same award by 2 people, Britt and Leah Nicolette. Thanks so much, guys! OK, well, first I have to say 7 random things about me, and then I must award other bloggers. Here we go!

Random Facts:
1. I love being on the computer almost as much as I love reading. :)
2. I own a bird called Popcorn. ;)
3. I adore photography! :D
4. My favourite sport is tennis. (yippee!)
5. I have many wonderful penpals. ♥
6. If I were to own any wild animal, I think I would want it to be a lion. (what would you want?)
7. Last of all...I want to have at least one set of twins someday. :)

Now, here are the people I have awarded:

Jess Leigh
Lily Marie
Orla Harrington

And now, I am off to tell them that I have awarded them. :) Have a wonderful day!
Best wishes,

Magic Meringues!

Magic meringues! What fun! :) My Mom and I did this with the little ones was so cool! We all had lots of fun and the recipe is very easy and simple.
It makes 20 to 30 and all you need is...
1 egg white
Food colouring (any colour you like will do!)
300g Icing sugar (confectioners' sugar)

^ That's all!
1. Break up the egg white with a fork and add the food colouring, any colour, but we used pink this time, then stir in enough icing sugar to make a thick paste and kneed the dough until it is smooth and even.

^ Here Grace is holding some of the dough we made in a bowl. This is only a little bit compared to how much it really makes! :)

2. Line your turntable with a paper towel. Roll balls the size of a marble or bigger and place them well spaced on the turntable. 

^Here Grace is again, with the little balls the size of marbles on a paper towel. You can only put 3 to 4 on at a time.(I suggest you use a plate underneath the paper towel, because without it the meringues may burn!)

3. Cook on 100 percent power for 1 to 1½ minutes, depending on the size. Watch in amazement as the balls puff out to make crisp meringues. Serve sandwiched with cream to improve, and don't forget the most important part; have fun!

^ These are the meringues after they have been microwaved - such a fantastic recipe!
Best wishes,

And The Winner Of My Drawing Challenge #6 Is...

Congratulations! You can email me your address @ - and then your prize will be on its way! :) Thank you to both contestants-both entries were wonderful!
Oh, and I mean to apologize that I posted this late! We didn't have internet for a while...
Best wishes,