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~One of my photos. Please don't steal. Title: The Best Companions~

Bonjour. :) You must be on this page because you want to know about my online stores. Very well then...I am a photographer, a doodler, and someone who experiments with digital art...and I sell products online with my designs on them. My first online shop is HERE. I sell t-shirts, greeting cards, prints, stickers, iPhone cases, iPad cases, canvases and so on of my photography, digital art and drawings. All of the designs there are my own, and all of them are available as more than one product. I also have a second store, click HERE to see it. It has the same products except there are pillow cases and no stickers. Those are the places where I'm still beginning to get a little income from my work, though I would hardly call it work, because I love to do it.

So thank you for reading about my online stores. <3


  1. Hi!
    Your site is really cool, even though i didn't buy i really admire your faith for god.
    God bless,

    1. Thank you so much. :) I don't mind at all if/when you don't buy - I'd rather have you say what you just said! Thanks again.


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