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"We all take different paths in life, but no matter where we go, we take a little bit of each other everywhere." - Tim McGraw

I love it when someone new visits my blog...and I like it even more when I can interact with them, or know they've been there. So leave me a comment, sign here. Whatever you want to say. Be awesome. Oh - sorry, wait. You already are. But still, there's a guestbook that needs signing...


  1. Hi! I guess I'm the first one to comment in your guestbook, so, here I am! I like your blog! How did you come up with the name? I'd love it if you stopped by my blog

    1. Hi, Violet. :) You might not know, but I moved blogs to HERE:
      I came up with the name by being fifth out of ten children. :) I'm going to check out your blog now. :)
      Tane ♥


Hi. :) It would be wonderful if you commented - I love to get feedback, thoughts on my post, ideas for my blog, answers and questions. Or anything else. But please don't use bad language or be unkind in the words you type.
I'll try to always reply, and I love to go to your blog to comment in return. Thank you for taking the time to leave a note for me, I appreciate it.
Tane ♥