my Mom's entry for my current drawing challenge

Hi there, my Mom did a beautiful picture for my current drawing challenge.

the winner of my drawing challenge #3 is...

Well done! I am so sorry I that I'm late to post this. Johanna, you win a set of Valentines stickers!
If you will please email me your address and I shall send you your prize at once. :)
Have a good day, everyone!

happy birthday dear Johnny, Mom, Dad, Perrin and Grace...

Hello is my older brother, Johnny's birthday.

Also, yesterday was my lovely Mom's birthday.

And, on the 12th of February was my awesome Dad's birthday which he shares with my amazing sister, Perrin. (yes, their birthdays are both on the 12th of Feb!)

Plus, my younger sister Gracie's birthday will be tomorrow.

So, that ends February birthday spree! My birthday is on the 6th of March.

Grace's Valentines day cupcakes

Hi all, hope you are doing well. :D Grace is entering Heidi-Mari's Fortnightly Baking Fun Challenge with her Valentines Day Cupcakes, and she is only 8!

Serves 30
What you will need:
30 cupcakes, cooled, baked and ready to ice (use your favourite vanilla cupcake recipe!)
2 quantities butter icing, one quantity red, and one pink (you can find the recipe for this icing from my other post, here)
glace cherries


1. Ice each cupcake, like a spiral, going from the inside out until every cupcake is iced.
2. Put a cherry on each cupcake. (I know...not a very long method!)

^ YUM! Enjoy it. :)

heart cake

Hello everybody! I have an entry for Heidi's challenge... I did a heart cake.

Heart Cake
You will need:
a  baked, cooled and ready to be decorated chocolate cake (use your favourite recipe! make sure it's in a heart tin and also make sure that there's two of them)
100g soft butter or margarine
500 ml (250g)
5ml vanilla essence
about 20 ml milk, if required
white icing, ready to roll
pink food colouring


1. To make the butter icing, first cream the butter and sifted icing sugar together. Add the vanilla essence and the 20ml of milk. (only use the milk if you think the icing is too thick! Add the pink food coloring and beat well.

2. Sandwich the two halves of the cake together using some of the butter icing, leave the rest for later.. Roll out the white icing until thin and smooth. Brush the cake with jam and then stick the white icing on it. ( If the icing is to much, just cut around the cake and put the leftover of the icing away.

3. Pipe hearts using a piping bag and what's left of the butter icing. Fill in the piped hearts using with pink food colouring the end of a beater. Be creative, do different hearts...ones using only food colouring, ones with spots on and ones that have a food coloring outline instead of a butter icing one...etc. :)

^ There you have it, a heart cake...a yummy treat for Valentines day.
P.S. Remember that this is an entry for Heidi Mari's baking challenge.

raspberry surprise

For pudding on a Tuesday, I made Raspberry Surprise. So I decided to make a tutorial on it...with pictures! :)

Here is what you will need:
50g Raspberries
1 tin ideal milk
4 packets jelly
4 cups boiling water
3 cups cold water

This recipe serves: 10


^ You can use any flavoured jelly, but I used 1 mango, 2 raspberry and 1 cherry.

Open the packets of jelly and pour them into a large bowl. Add the four cups of boiling water.

Now stir until the jelly is dissolved. Then, add the 3 cups of cold water and stir again. 

Use 1 cup of the ideal milk and add it to the mixture. Mix it well.

Put the rest of the ideal milk in the fridge.
Then put the jelly mixture in the fridge as well, once it is mixed. 
Once the jelly has set (which should take a couple of hours) take the ideal milk out of the fridge and beat it well until the texture of whipped cream.

Then get the jelly out of the fridge and scrape out the whipped ideal milk onto the top.

Now spread it out evenly, and put the raspberries on top.

Wala, there you have it, raspberry surprise.

^ Well, it does go fast with a big family, lol.

Enjoy it!

my drawing challenge #3 is...

Sketched Plants!
So get sketching! So sorry I was late to post this, everyone. :(
The guidelines for this challenge are...
1) You can draw flowers (including roses, everybody loves roses), trees, bushes, get the idea, but it has to be in pencil, no crayons, no pens and no painting, no coloured pencils, only ordinary (graphite) pencil.
2) The prize will be a mini notebook! But I don't have a picture of it, sorry.
3) You have until March the 6th, 2012, my birthday!
4) You can enter using the blue frog link at the top of my blog underneath my search box. 
5) You can photograph your picture or scan it in, whichever one you prefer.
6) Whoever wins will get the prize, no matter where you live! Just email me @ and give me your address so I can send you your prize.
7) ANYONE is allowed to join, there are no age restrictions! 
8) Only one picture per a person, please.
9) You're allowed to ask anyone to vote for you, which means you can advertise on Twitter, Facebook, your blog etc.
10) Spread a little love, comment on the other entries, everyone loves comments!
11) To enter, you must post your drawing on your blog. But if you don't have a blog, you can just email me your entry and I will post it on my blog, notifying all the other contestants that you have entered. I will also link it up using the blue frog for you. 
12) I will put everyone's links and pictures in a separate post on my blog.
13) When it is time for voting, I will put a poll at the top of my blog on the sidebar, the voters will vote from there.
14) Please link back to my blog, so that other people can enter!

That's all, have fun drawing! Oh yes, and here is my verse for the week:
"Now may the God of all peace himself sanctify you completely, and may your whole spirit and soul and body be kept blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ." - 1 Thessalonians 5:23
P.S. The winner will get a special button to go on their sidebar!

voting time for my drawing challenge #2

Hi everybody! Yes, it's voting time for my drawing challenge #2! :) The theme was 'Valentines Day', Heidi also has an awesome challenge over at her blog. I had a total of 5 lovely entries...

First up, my younger brother who is six, Hudson!

^ He drew a such a cute picture!

Second comes my little sister who is 8, Grace!

^ She drew a beautiful picture. :)

Third is Tirzah!


^ So pretty.

Next is Sam! (who is new to this challenge!)

Last of all, please welcome Johanna! (it's her first time as well!)

So, who will you vote for?!

P.S. A note to the voters...
To vote, go to the top of my blog, there will be a poll, there you can choose whoever you think should win! Remember, the winner gets a set of stickers.

Grace's Valentine drawing

Hello everyone! Grace recently drew a picture called 'Love Is In The Air' for my Valentines Day Drawing Challenge. Here it is.

^ It's so sweet!

Hudson's Valentine drawing

Hi there! Hudson did a picture for my Drawing challenge #2, Valentines Day.

Sweet, isn't it? Come on now, isn't anyone else going to enter? :P I'd really love it if you did! :)

my own t-shirt design

Hello everybody. I recently designed a T-shirt, called 'Kitty Loves Puppy', here it is...

Available for sale as a babygrow and kids' clothes. ^

^As well as being available for sale as a T-shirt and a hoodie!

^ Also available as iPod cases and stickers... :) 

Go here to see it properly. 

Reilly-Roo and my verse for the week

Hello there! My Mom did a beautiful picture (or you could say 'pictures') of Reilly, so here it is...

Isn't he just so cute? Oh well, it's time for the verse of the week...but I'm afraid to admit that I'm late. :( but anyway, here it is:
Proverbs chapter 29 verse 2: 'When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice; But when a wicked man rules, the people groan.'
P.S. Reilly-Roo is Reilly's nickname. :)

awarded, again!

Hello everyone! I was awarded by a couple of people, again, hooray! (including LoriKathryn and Jessie! Thanks so much guys!)


(1 Post these rules.
(2 Write seven random facts about yourself
(3 Award ten other people
(4 Leave a comment on their blog to let them know that you awarded them.

Okay, so here it goes:
Random facts
1. I like the game Scrabble.
2. I hope to become a part time poet someday.
3. I used to think nothing of photography, but now I really love it.
4. I have 6 brothers, and only 3 sisters!
5. I can touch type!
6. I love Psalm 15.
7. I'm running a drawing challenge!

Now for the people I'd like to award!
Abby @ To Touch The Stars
Lily Marie @ Lily In His Field
Arianna @ lil' miss imperfect
Blythe @ Raindrops
KayleeBeth Simmons @ Life From My View

Not ten people, but maybe I'll add another 5 later. Thanks for reading everyone!

my family

I thought that it was about time I introduced my Family properly, so here they are, from youngest to oldest!
My Family...the best family ever! You may think that your family is the best, so you carry on thinking that, and I'll carry on thinking that my Family is most definitely the best.

^Gorgeous Levi who was born on the 14th of December 2011

^Smiley Reilly, aged 3

^Cute Mila, aged 4

^Sweet Hudson, aged 6

^Lovely Gracie, aged 8

^Handsome Johnny, aged 13

^Darling Perrin, aged 16

^Amazing Joshua, aged 16

^Our 'big brother', Jacob, aged 18
Well, those are my siblings. I don't have pictures of my parents right now. Sorry.                                        

the winner of my drawing challenge #1 is...

Congratulations, you're the winner! :) Could you email me and give me your address, please? As soon as I have your home address I will send you your:

^ Pilot Black Gel Ink Pen G-2 07

Your prize! Smiles! I have also made a special button for you:

^ To get this on your sidebar, just left click on the mouse, and choose "save image as", then upload it as a picture on blogger and link it back to my challenge so that other people can enter next time! ;)

Thanks so much for entering everybody, your entries were all SO beautiful, but sadly there can only be one winner! Sorry I was late to post this. Have a great day everyone.

my drawing challenge #2 is...

...Valentines Day!
My drawing challenge #1 is open for voting for the moment, and now it's time for...drawing challenge #2! Drawings for Valentines day! :)

Here are the guidelines for this challenge:
1) This is an any media challenge (that means you can use any crayons, pencils or pens, but not digital media, please), as long as your picture is for valentines day (it can be a card)
2) Please add at least one heart to your drawing!
3) Pink and red are the most important colours for this challenge...
4) You can photograph or scan your picture in, whichever one suits you. You're also allowed to use Photoshop to make it a bit brighter, if you want.
5) The prize is a pack of stickers that suit Valentines day. (kind of like surprise Valentines day stickers! Sorry, don't have a photo of them)
6) The voting will start on the 20th of February, Monday.

And if you are new to this challenge (which you probably are...) here are some things you'll need to know...

1) ANYONE is allowed to join, there are no age restrictions!!
2) Whoever wins will get the prize, no matter what. Where ever your home is, I can post it to you, just email me your address at, or give me your email address in your comment, whichever one you prefer.
3) Only one picture per person, please.
4) When the voting starts, you're allowed to ask anyone to vote for you, which means you can advertise on facebook, twitter, your blog, etc.
5) Spread a little love, comment on the other entries!
6) To enter, you must post your drawing on your blog and then link it up using the blue frog linky thing underneath my search blog at the top of my blog. Or, if you don't have a blog, simply email me your Valentine's day drawing and I will post it on my blog and link it up for you!
7) I will put everyone's pictures and links back to their blog in a separate post when voting time comes.
8) Please link back to my blog in your post that contains your drawing, so that other people can enter.
OK, so that's everything, and thanks guys!

voting time!

Hi all, it's voting time for my drawing challenge #1! I got 11 entries! Yay! Thanks to all the people who entered! :)

1. Grace! (my sister, who is only eight!)

^ She drew such a cute lion!

2. Sarah!

^ Sarah drew a beautiful spaniel!

3. Micklyn (my Mom)!

^ My Mom drew a lovely little cat.

4. John! (my brother)

^ Johnny drew a cute little stick dog.

5. Tirzah!

^ Her entry was a bug in a flower, super sweet!

6. Serenity!

^ Serenity drew an awesome little pig!

7. Hudson (my brother, age 6)

^ He drew a cute butterfly and stripy snake! ;)

8. Ali!

^ Ali did a great drawing of a butterfly!

9. Perrin! (my sister)

^ Perrin drew a beautiful picture, a family of yorkies!

10. Zoe!

^ Zoe drew a majestic picture of a horse!

11. Last of all, but certainly not least, Elizabeth!

^ Elizabeth drew a gorgeous picture of a squirrel!

A note to the voters:
To vote, go to the top of my blog, there will be a poll on my sidebar. The poll will contain everyone's names, vote on whichever picture you like best! Thanks. :)

A note to the contestants:
You guys can vote, too! But not for yourselves, please.

Have fun!