voting time!

Hi all, it's voting time for my drawing challenge #1! I got 11 entries! Yay! Thanks to all the people who entered! :)

1. Grace! (my sister, who is only eight!)

^ She drew such a cute lion!

2. Sarah!

^ Sarah drew a beautiful spaniel!

3. Micklyn (my Mom)!

^ My Mom drew a lovely little cat.

4. John! (my brother)

^ Johnny drew a cute little stick dog.

5. Tirzah!

^ Her entry was a bug in a flower, super sweet!

6. Serenity!

^ Serenity drew an awesome little pig!

7. Hudson (my brother, age 6)

^ He drew a cute butterfly and stripy snake! ;)

8. Ali!

^ Ali did a great drawing of a butterfly!

9. Perrin! (my sister)

^ Perrin drew a beautiful picture, a family of yorkies!

10. Zoe!

^ Zoe drew a majestic picture of a horse!

11. Last of all, but certainly not least, Elizabeth!

^ Elizabeth drew a gorgeous picture of a squirrel!

A note to the voters:
To vote, go to the top of my blog, there will be a poll on my sidebar. The poll will contain everyone's names, vote on whichever picture you like best! Thanks. :)

A note to the contestants:
You guys can vote, too! But not for yourselves, please.

Have fun!


  1. The pics are really cute! Your competition was a good idea, Tane!


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