my family

I thought that it was about time I introduced my Family properly, so here they are, from youngest to oldest!
My Family...the best family ever! You may think that your family is the best, so you carry on thinking that, and I'll carry on thinking that my Family is most definitely the best.

^Gorgeous Levi who was born on the 14th of December 2011

^Smiley Reilly, aged 3

^Cute Mila, aged 4

^Sweet Hudson, aged 6

^Lovely Gracie, aged 8

^Handsome Johnny, aged 13

^Darling Perrin, aged 16

^Amazing Joshua, aged 16

^Our 'big brother', Jacob, aged 18
Well, those are my siblings. I don't have pictures of my parents right now. Sorry.                                        


  1. You really have a gorgeous family!

  2. You have a very, very sweet family, Tane!!!

  3. You have such a beautiful family!
    I hope you all have a beautiful year!


  4. Awesome!
    So you adopted two boys?
    I always thought it would be awesome to have a adopted brother/sister :)

    1. Hi KayleeBeth, thanks for the comment (yup, we did adopt two boys, and what blessings they are!)

  5. You do have a lovely family.. but, like you said, I think mine is the best! haha! :)

    Thanks for sharing pictures! I was kind of chuckling becuase I have a brother named Joshua, too. And, up until a few months ago, I didn't know any other Joshuas. Now, I have seen lots and lots of Joshuas around! Kind of funny.. but, hey, it's a good name! :)

    All of your younger siblings are so sweet and cute!! Levi is positively adorable. :)

    Thanks for sharing pictures!! :)

    1. Hello Lilac Bud Gal
      Thanks so much for your long and lovely comment!! Yup, there are probably a lot of Joshua's out there, lol!

  6. Your family is awesome.
    Seriously. You guys are so blessed.

    1. Thanks so much Shadoe! It means a lot to me. ;)
      Thanks to everyone who commented on this blog post, I really appreciate it!! and happy Valentines day to everbody. ;)

  7. Hi Tane, you have a awesome family!!
    I LUUUUUV the pictures!!
    xxx Nine

    1. Hello Nine, thanks so much for your kind comment! ;)


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