first blog award ever!

Hello everyone! I was given my first blog award ever by ThinkGreenLovePurple! :)

I'm SO happy.

1) Write seven random facts about yourself.
2) Award 10 other people.

OK, so, seven random facts about me.

1) I hate blue cheese.
2) I like to scrapbook.
3) I think apes are gross and monkeys are cute!
4) I don't really like Chinese food.
5) My favorite sweet treat is definitely chocolate.
6) I am quite sensitive.
7) I enjoy answering trick questions.

OK, now for the people I'd like to award!:


  1. How do you get the 'irresistibly sweet blog award' photo?
    Kathryn :-)

  2. Okay, never mind! I figured it out :-)

    1. Sure Kathryn, no prob, your blog deserved the award!

  3. Thank you very much Miss Tane :) I have been awarded this already, but have yet to post the post yet...I think I'm doing that today. Anyway I'll mention that you awarded it to me too. Thanks again! Sierra
    Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Cause You Are!

    1. Whoops, sorry! I didn't know you were awarded already! :)


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