Little Brothers

I was playing with my two of my brothers yesterday, and we decided to take a few photos. :) Not all of them turned out how I wanted them to, but I decided to post three pics anyway - three unprofessional pictures...well, we had fun. Reilly and Levi are such darlings. (most of the time...)

Little brothers. Don't you just love them?

Reasons Why I Love My God...

He's always there. When I feel like I have nothing left I have Him. When there's no one to turn to, He's there. When I'm at my wit's end He helps me. When it feels like no one loves me, He does. When I'm crying out in pain, agony or sorrow, He answers me. He is always there for me.

He inspires me. When I look around and open my eyes - the ocean, the people I love, the living, breathing, beautiful creatures everywhere, the sky, the pretty flowers that decorate the garden, newborn animals and newborn people, the sunsets...God is artist of the universe; and there's nothing more inspiring then His artworks.

He comforts me. He looks after me, always blesses me and gives me more than I need. His Word always makes me feel better. He loves to hold me in his hands and make me feel precious, safe and happy.

He amazes me. Every time He answers my prayer and gives me more than I asked for, every time He does a miracle - when He makes a way for me. Every time I remember what He went through for me - every time I remember what answers he had for the Pharisees when He came to earth. He came to earth! He came as flesh and blood. He died for us. All of us. He amazes me.

I also love Him because He gave me my Mom, who took these beautiful pictures. Click on anyone of them to go to her online Society6 store.
Thank you for reading this. :)

Guinea Pig Family Photoshoot

My sister and I breed guinea pigs - and we really love them. :) I find them wonderful creatures, and to me; the more the better -12 is the most guinea pigs we've ever had, but at the moment we have six...anyway, I'm going to share some pics of them so that you, too, can see how cute they are.

^ Enter Caramel - one of the first guinea pigs we got. He's an interesting character, and he's very sweet.

^ Flossie, the oldest female with a precious personality.

^ Here's Holly - a guinea pig who has a lot of attitude (really) and even though she isn't such a good mother, she had her first babies six days ago. Still, I tell her well done for having them, since I reckon they are the cutest batch (that's what we call the litters of guinea pigs) we've had yet and she has her good moods where she can be a lovely little thing.

^ Dinopig. Okay, no, I'm kidding. That's not her name. ;) It's just that she has a mo-hawk hairstyle (that was more visible when she was young) and my older sister decided to nickname her Dinopig. But her real name is Hazel.

^ Introducing Kimbo, little darling! He is one of the two babies born six days ago, and he's super precious.

^ And finally, Ginger. She's so adorable and I love how she loves her brother.

*Random Post*

I'm bored. I've used up most of my creativity for the hour on something else. I still feel like, here's a random blog post. First of all, I want to link to someone else's blog post called 'What a Sweet Reminder'. If you love Jesus and believe in Him, you will probably think it is really sweet. :) Click here to go through to the Laughter And Lipgloss blog and see what I'm talking about. I'd also appreciate it if you went and checked out my sister's blog HERE. She hasn't been on for a while, but she is back to posting often now.
Next... 'twas Pinterest that made me believe in love at first sight.

Major cuteness factor. I love corgis! (image via pinterest - NOT my own)
Well, hope you enjoyed the random blog post. Thanks for reading. ;)

Settling In With Sunsets

We've been in our new house for more than a month now, and we're enjoying it. God is overflowing our cup - we are living in an awesome house, we're near the beach, we're on the same street as our grandparents, we have the most amazing view and awesome sunsets.

^ Our view from our balcony. We can see Gordon's Bay, Strand Beach and Cape Point. Every night when the sun has gone down all the glittering lights come out and it is beautiful. Not to mention it's still breath taking during daytime.

^ Our Quantum, which we call 'The Mothership' reflecting beauty.

^ I took some photos of Grace while we were jumping on the trampoline. It was fun.

I'm sure I see more pictures of our view coming in the future, but for now, these are all. :) Thanks for visiting my blog and reading this post.

P.S. All of the photos were taken in Somerset-West, South Africa.