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Alright, so, some of us bloggers want some things for our blog that we've noticed on other peoples' blogs, but we don't know how to get there, and we're wondering what to do.
I've learnt somethings from researching, and somethings I had to learn the hard way, with no one to help me. But I love to deal with HTML coding, even though I'm new at it and, yes, a big time rookie. Anyway, I like the satisfying feeling when I figure something out, especially concerning the latter. So, here I'll give you links to my tutorials on how to for blogger...things I've learnt from experience and stuff, things I'd like to share with you to make it easier. I hope they can help you and make editing/redesigning/designing your blog a breeze, as well as being enjoyable.

How To Remove Link Underlining For Blogger Blogs (Plus- Italics on Hover For Links)

2 Blogging Tips of The Day

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