Levi Murray Le Feuvre-Smith

Thank you, everyone who prayed. Levi is now safely at home, bathed, fed and happy! Thanks so much. So, I promised you photos, and here they are!                                
Levi at home.          
                                                              Levi and his big brother ^
                                                             Levi and his cute sister ^

Levi at the hospital.


 My little dude is adorable^

So there you have it, photos of my little baby brother, a priceless treasure! :)
-Tane xoxoxo

P.S. By the way, I started blogging when my Mom was pregnant; so I called my blog Fifth out of Ten because I am the fifth out of ten siblings. But I actually only had eight siblings when I started blogging, but now Levi has come to complete us. We're a very happy family!

mini Christmas cakes

Hi all. I made some Christmas trees and presents out of cake!
This is an entry for Heidi-Mari's Fortnightly Baking Fun Challenge. I had so much fun making them! :) Now, to show you how to make them yourself...

To make 10 Christmas trees and 16 presents, you will need:
275g self-raising flour
225g soft margarine (You can use butter)
4 tablespoons milk
1 level teaspoon of baking powder
225g caster sugar
2-3 drops vanilla essence
4 medium eggs

For the butter icing:
100g soft butter or margarine
500ml (250g) icing sugar, sifted
5 ml vanilla essence
about 20 ml milk, if required
food dyes (any colours you want)

1. Heat the oven to 180C, 350F, gas mark 4, before you start.

2. Method for the cake:
Draw around a tin on greaseproof paper. Cut it out. Wipe oil inside the tin. Put the paper into the tin and oil the paper.

3. Sift the flour into a large mixing bowl. Add the margarine, milk, baking powder, sugar and vanilla essence.

4. Break the eggs into a small bowl. Beat them with a fork. Add them to the flour mixture. Beat everything together well.

5. Spoon the mixture into the tin. Smooth the top. Bake it in the oven for 40-45 minutes, until the middle is springy.

6. Leave the cake in the tin to cool once cooked. Then lift it out.

7. Cut a strip 7cm (3in) wide from one end of the cake. Cut it into 16 small squares. Cut the cake in half along its length.

8. Cut out ten triangles. Ice them with green icing. Ice the presents with the other icing. Use any type of sweets you want to decorate the presents and trees!

Method for icing:

1. Cream the butter and sifted icing sugar together. Add the remaining ingredients and beaut to a smooth and spreadable consistency. Do not overmix, as it will become runny.

Let the kids help, and enjoy it!

Remember, I am entering this in Heidi-Mari's challenge. If you're up to it, enter too! But if you're not going to enter, votes are appreciated! :)

P.S. For the trunks you can use half a bar-one or any other chocolate bar. :)

merry Christmas to all

I made a...something... just to wish you all a Merry Christmas! So, here it is:

To all! The more
Family, the more joy!
On Christmas morning, we
*Share, love, tell jokes and smile!*
Here’s something
To look forward to...
It’s Christmas, Merry Christmas!
The night that baby Jesus was born, the
Holy, holy night... All is peaceful, all is right.
*Merry merry Christmas, joy to all, happiness to all!*
Love, happiness,
Hope, joy, merriness
Grace, faith, trust, ‘tis the
season for those, ‘tis the season.
Be grateful, be happy, be sweet, be kind,
*Be generous on the Special Christmas morning...*
Hooray for
 Hooray for

So, Merry Christmas!
-Tane xx


Yup, you heard the title! Levi Murray Le Feuvre-Smith was born at 5:30 Tuesday December 2011... Thank the Lord. And thank you all who prayed for Levi and my mom. :) They are both at the hospital, well, and, perhaps, tired. Now, I remember promising baby photos, on the post "Only Seventeen Days!", but its going to be a while before I can get some pictures on my blog... Sorry.
But I am so excited and happy to have a new baby brother.
He weighs 2.08, not such a big baby, like all the other babies my mom has had... Lol.
We went to visit Mom and Levi in the hospital, and Levi is so cute!! But what he looks like is a secret until I post some pictures of him.
So, just another short post spreading the good news. :)
-Tane xoxo

Julie Andrews

Today my mom was working on a picture of hers which was inspired by the song of Julie Andrews, "Some of My Favourite Things" (it was a really beautiful picture). When I asked her if I could listen to the whole song, she looked it up on YouTube.

I love that song... It was also played in "The Sound of Music" one of my very favourite movies. Julie Andrews, as well as singing, acts. She was Mary Poppins. :D So, I am a fan of Julie Andrews. Her singing makes me happy and I just want to listen to it all the the time! :) I think she may be my favourite singer... Just listen to the video from YouTube that I have given above and you'll see how good her singing is!
Julie also acted in "The Tooth Fairy" and "Princess diaries". Oh, I also think that she's one of the best of actresses! Here's two links that will take you to different places giving information about her: Julie Andrews' Bio 1. Julie Andrews' Bio 2. Julie Andrews is also very pretty, plus, apart from acting and singing, she worked a little on books. That's right, she was an author too. Go here to a website that will tell you even more about her writing. She was married to Blake Edwards but he sadly died at the age of 88. So, what do you think about Julie Andrews? Tell me in your comments!
Tane xx

only seventeen days!

Hi all, I hope that your Sunday has been great...here's my piece of news...Seventeen days to go till I get another brother, Levi. Murray Le Feuvre-Smith... Ah... Can't WAIT! Mom is feeling very weak these days... Of course that's natural, since she's 35 weeks pregnant!
Levi will probably come home on Christmas Eve. What a nice present...
Mom is very happy to be carrying a precious little life around again. I hope that when the time comes for Levi to enter the world she will be well, and that nothing will go wrong...
Anyway, this is just a short post warning you to be aware that baby pictures are coming up!
Tane xx

white chocolate mousse with fresh fruit

Hi everyone. Yesterday I made a pudding, as the title says; White Chocolate Mousse With Fresh Fruit. And I'm going to enter this in Heidi-Mari's Baking Fun Challenge! Yay! So... Here's the recipe.
A delicious and easy plus quick recipe that I promise you will enjoy unless you don't like chocolate, fruit or cream. ;)

Serves: 2

What You Will Need:

100g Strawberries
72g Blueberries
50g Raspberries
100g White Chocolate
Cup and three quarters fresh whipping cream (must be cold)
1 Chocolate cereal bar


1 Break the chocolate into pieces and put in a heat-proof bowl. Add 3 tablespoons of cream (put the rest of the cream aside) melt the chocolate and cream in the microwave until melted (try not to burn it).

2 Set the melted chocolate aside to cool. Take the remaining cream, and beat it until fluffy. Once you are done beating the cream, take the melted chocolate and the whipped cream, and fold the chocolate into the cream.
Set aside.

3 Cut the strawberries into half each. Put a layer of cream and chocolate at the bottom of two different glasses. Then, put some blueberries, strawberries and raspberries on top. Now, another layer of chocolate and cream. Proceed the layering until you reach just underneath the rim of the glass. Then, decorate the top with a few blueberries, raspberries and strawberries. Crumble half the chocolate cereal bar and split between the two glasses of pudding. Sprinkle the cereal  bar crumbs evenly on each to top it off.

4 Put in the refrigerator for about an hour then serve. Now you have your White Chocolate Mousse with fresh fruit!! Well done and enjoy it. (double or triple or even quadruple if there is not enough!)

When voting starts on Heidi-Mari's blog, votes will be really appreciated! Thanks. :)
Before this blog post ends, I want to ask you, are you up to cooking some delicious fruit or veggie treats? Then enter Heidi-Mari's Baking Fun Challenge!

update pics of our kittens

Hi all! I hope you enjoyed your weekend. Our last kitten went to Sunnyside (in Clarens) and now belongs to my mom's good friend. But I wanted to post some more pictures of them a bit older.


First picture is Cayenne, second is Cairo and last is Canberra. :) Cairo was the first one to go. He's the oldest. His personality is so sweet! Every morning when we used to come through to the cat room to give them fresh water and food, he would jump out of his box and come running to us, and as soon as we started to stroke him, he would purr and purr. He went to our Afrikaans tutor, who says that she loves him so much! But she kept his name as Cairo.
Cayenne went next. My mom put ads on the internet here and there, and then one day while we were shopping, her phone rang. It was an message asking if they could have a kitten. So my mom and the 'stranger' (we never knew her name and still don't) stayed in touch. The next day Cayenne was taken. Cayenne is a quiet and calm beauty. She loves human company and is very playful. But anyway, her name was changed to Misty, which I think suits quite well! ;)
Canberra was last. She was the one who went to Sunnyside, and now lives on a farm. Canberra was a very cute and cuddly kitten. She was always getting into trouble and being adventurous! Her new name is Cammy.
So all our kittens are gone now. :( But they were well loved while they were around.
Tane xx

Reilly's birthday pics

Hi all! I hope you are doing well.
Reilly's birthday and party took place last Saturday, it was so much fun, and he really enjoyed it! Perrin, me, mom and Grace made a cake for him, he loved it! :)
Reilly was actually born on the 18th of December 2008, but since Mom is going to have another baby in December, close to his birthday, she figured that she should make his birthday earlier. So she did. (We're not allowed to say "happy birthday" on his real birth date, lol!)
Here are some party pictures!

Little Reilly Jack...now three years old.
Tane xx

cheesy chicken tortilla

Hi everyone,
I've entered Heidi-Mari's baking challenge for the second time!
A delicious and easy snack. You can get your younger siblings or children to help you, they would have fun! You may even want to make it for your mother on mother's day, as I made it for my mom, and she loved it! So, cook, eat and enjoy!

This time, I've made a chicken, and cheesy tortilla with salad, out of my head! It was really fun, so, thanks for making the challenge, Heidi-Mari! So... Here's how I did it.

What You Will Need:
Half a chicken breast, cut into anything, strips, cubes or chunks.
Some pickled chillis - optional!
4 pieces of cheese, preferably grated. (don't make them to thin, remember, this recipe is supposed to be cheesy!)
10 grams crushed chilli and garlic (you can put less in, but it gives it a lot of taste).
20 grams capers, don't used if not liked!
Pinch of pepper.
A tortilla (use a favourite or traditional recipe, or go to this one, but I made my one it out of my head, with help from my mom!)
7 baby rosa tomatoes.
Shredded lettuce (use how ever much you want).
13 slices cucumber.
Any type of salad dressing, homemade or shop-bought.
6 slices red pepper.
And... I think that's it! :)

What You Must Do:

First thing first, flavoring the chicken. You will fry the chicken later, but you must first throw some flavor in. :)
Put the crushed chilli and garlic, capers, pepper and pickled chillis. Mix well, and leave to marinate.

Next step, the salad. Cut the baby rosa tomatoes in two, and set them aside. Then shred the lettuce and set that aside, too. Now it's time to slice the cucumber and the red pepper. Slice them anyway you want, be creative! ;) Place neatly on a plate, and then sprinkle droplets of salad dressing all over it. Once you are done with that, put the plate with salad on in the fridge, put something over them to try and keep it fresh.

Now, back to the chicken. Put the chicken on to fry, and place all cheese in with the chicken. Fry the chicken and cheese mixture until the cheese is all melted and the chicken well cooked. Get the tortilla on a plate. Put the chicken on the tortilla, and toll up the tortilla. Place the tortilla next to the salad on the plate. Here's a tip, grate a little more cheese, and put it on top of the tortilla, to make it more cheesy, yummy and decorative! Now you have your tortilla special, enjoy!

If you feel like entering a challenge, then get up and cook or bake! Heidi-Mari is just waiting for you to enter!
Lots of love

six word story

Have you ever heard of a six word story? Well, here's a link with a lot of information for you! Click here. And here is a very cool website on it: http://www.sixwordstories.net/  Check them out! Anyhow, Mom looked it up on the internet, and I was interested.
Here's a sad six word story made by Ernest Herningway.

For sale: baby shoes, never used.

Here's my own, for a little special, new guy:

Baby brother born, it's a miracle.
Or it could be: Baby brother born, girls outnumbered now.

Cool, hey?
Why don't you guys be creative and put some six word stories in your comments? I would like it!
Tane xx

a poem for Tess

Author's Note: This is a poem for my dog, Tessa. She was a Labrador cross Basset and she was 4 years old when I lost her... I was about 7.

so sorry you're gone
so sad you had to go
time I had with you wasn't long
but I loved you so.
my best animal friend
loved your droopy ears
why did it have to end?
and end in tears?
why did it have to be?
I still love you
and I'm sure you still love me.
maybe, up there
you're still missing
your best human friend.
so sorry you're gone
so sad you had to go
time I had with you wasn't long
but I loved you so
and I don't know
why you had to go
my best animal friend
my sweet companion
why did it have to end?
and end in tears?
I loved your droopy ears
and your deep brown eyes
and your comforting slow sighs
when I was sad
you'd come to me
and put your head on my lap
I miss that.
I miss you
so sorry you're gone
so sad you had to go
time I had with you wasn't long
but I loved you so

♥Love you Tess♥ 
What did you think? I miss her so much.

my castle cake

Hi everyone. I made a castle cake for Heidi-Mari’s fortnightly baking challenge.
Here’s the recipe!

What you will need:
A vanilla cake baked and cooled (You can use your favourite vanilla cake or any other flavour, but I recommend this recipe)
A packet of yoghurt jelly tots
A packet of jelly beans
3 cones, one short flat bottom
Blue sugar edible crystals
A packet of princess sweets (any girly or princess-like sweets will work)
A packet of white chocolate buttons
Ginger biscuits
Yellow icing (or your choice, but I used butter icing) & green icing (once again, your choice)
1 Mento (this goes on top of the flat bottom cone)
100’s & 1000’s

Ice the cake with the yellow icing, once you are done with the first layer, put it in the fridge and wait for 10 minutes. Continue this until the cake has three layers of icing.

Pipe a plus sign on each of the ginger cookies, and put them on the side of the cake making windows. Then ice the cones (except for the flat bottom one) roll both the cones in a plate of 100’s & 1000’s. Place then together in the middle of the cake. Blob a bit of yellow icing on top of the flat bottom cone, and then place the Mento on top. Blob more icing on top of the Mento, and place a jelly tot on top.
Put the flat bottom cone on the cake behind or in between the other cones. Put the cake in the fridge and wait 10 minutes.

Take the cake out of the fridge, and pipe green icing in between and under the ginger windows. Using jelly tots, make flowers at the top of each green line. Or be creative and make little buds on the sides of the piped green lines.

Put in the fridge again, but only for 5 minutes. Once the cake is set again, stick princess sweets, jelly tots, jelly beans and white chocolate buttons wherever you want on top of the cake. Then sprinkle the blue edible sugar crystals on top. Eat all the cake you want or share some with the kids!
They’re sure to love it... J Lol.

Here’s some pictures of my cake.

That's my little brother, Reilly, just waiting for us to finish photographing so he can have a piece of cake!

Remember, this is for Heidi-Mari's fortnightly baking challenge, "Something For a Child" So if you're up for baking, click on the image below.


Bye for now,
Tane xoxo
P.S. If you're not up for baking, and you've got a spare moment, please go and vote for my entry!

just a hairstyle

I'm not a big hairstyle person. But this one I did enjoy wearing...here's how I got it. Last Monday, I saw Perrin playing with my Mom's hair and putting it into funky hairstyles while Mom was busy on the computer. As soon as I saw that, I wanted to have my hair done, and done in a different hairstyle. I usually have my hair tied up with a parting in the middle. (okay, not exactly in the middle, and not exactly the height of fashion!) And I wanted something new, well, I felt like something new. So Perrin kindly agreed to my request, and played with my hair... Making it look very different from how I usually wear it.
Here's three pics.

Dark lipstick, does it suit me? (Btw, I am not in the habit of wearing lipstick normally! This was just for fun, for the photos)

On that picture, you can see the rose that Perrin added.

Did you enjoy the pics?
Well, that's all... Comment and tell me what you think of my wacky hairstyle! (Perrin says it suits me)
-Tane xx

my ideal day in 180 words

Inspired by my sister, Perrin. She wrote her own ideal day which she posted on her blog, here.
And so, my ideal day starts...
I would be on my bed, reading, eating chocolate, at least 2 loyal dogs, snuggled up next to me. At breakfast time, I would go through to the kitchen and have a BIG salad, with Spaghetti Bolognaise (my favourite!) Then I would go to the computer, sit down, blog, go on KidPub and check my emails. I would run to the post box and there will be 10 letters from my pen pals for me. I would sit down, read them all, answer them all, decorate them all and put stickers on them all. And then I would jump on the trampoline with one of my siblings. Then I would get a pedicure and go to the hairdresser... I then would get a massage. I’d go back home and have pizza. (oh, I love pizza) I would model for some of my mom’s pictures, and then I would go and play with Pip my bird. At our farm, we’ll go to the river and have a picnic and enjoy ourselves in the sun, bliss.  

Ah, VERY different to my sister’s ideal day in 180 words, lol!
What did you think of it? Would your ideal day be very different? If you have a blog, you gotta try this! Use Word (if you have it) which will help you count the words. :)
Thanks for the visit.

Psalm 148

Psalm 148, verses 1-14

Praise to the Lord from Creation

Praise the LORD from the heavens; Praise Him in the heights!
Praise Him, all his angels; Praise Him, all His hosts!
Praise Him, sun and moon; Praise Him, all you stars of light!
Praise Him, you heavens of heavens, and you waters above the heavens!

Let them praise the name of the Lord, for He commanded and they were created.
He also established them for ever and ever; He made a decree which shall not pass away.
Praise the LORD from the earth, you great sea creatures in all the depths; fire and hail, snow and clouds; 
stormy wind, fulfilling His word; mountains and all hills; fruitful trees and all cedars; beasts and all cattle;
creeping things and flying fowl; kings of the earth and all peoples; princes and all judges of the earth;
both young men and maidens; both old men and children.

Let them praise the name of the LORD, for His name alone is exalted; His glory is above the earth and heaven.
And He has exalted the horn of His people, the praise of all His saints - of the people of Israel, a people near
to Him. 

Praise the LORD!

This is such a beautiful, poetic Psalm...most of them are. It makes me want to sing. :)
Praise Him. <3

Perrin's blog (and something about Afrikaans)

Hello there. My sister, Perrin, has a new blog now! She really enjoyed making it. Click here to see it. :)
Today, our Afrikaans tutor came. I learnt this sentence: Vandag het ek uitgesien daarvan dat my afrikaanse tutor juffrou moet kom. Ek het baie geleer van afrikaans.
English: I couldn't wait till my Afrikaans teacher came! I was really looking forward to her coming. I learned a lot of Afrikaans.
Eh...still learning. I think it means that...Well, that's what life is about! Learning and having fun, as well as loving God.
Tell me if you saw any mistakes in my Afrikaans sentence, please?
I am going to try and learn a lot of Afrikaans and perhaps make it my second language! I hope so, that would be great for me.
My sister and I have realized that Afrikaans is actually easier to learn then English. At first I said, "No way, English is easier than Afrikaans," but now, I definitely think that Afrikaans makes more sense than English... You may disagree, but if you practice both, then you shall find out the truth! Anyways, I'm going to work hard on Afrikaans.
Our tutor taught us Afrikaans, then gave us caramel chocolate bears...lovely. ;) She is actually a really nice tutor who makes sure we understand her and her language.
Perrin is way ahead of me! As in, she knows lots of words that I don't. Oh well.
Bye for now.

writing a new story (and some random things)

Hi. Well, I decided a while ago, that I was going to write a new story, my favorite thing to do! I'm always wanting to write a new story. :D So, I have, the first chapter, but I haven't posted it on KidPub yet, I have to go over it one more time... Fix the spelling mistakes check on the grammar and stuff like that...
Oh, yeah, and the another thing. I have been on the computer quite a bit, today. NO surprise. But, hey, don't say I'm a computer hogger, I did take a break on Wednesday! ;)
I figured I needed to do a blog post before Saturday, cuz I ain't doing one then. I think, just maybe, just MAYBE, I'm getting a little lazy at posting blog entries...
Anyway, I am half typing my blog post, half watching a scary show of people getting killed by Pumas! (also know as: Cougar and Mountain Cat) Interesting and SUPER scary...

today at art

Today at art, we spray painted some leaves!  Actually, we were using the leaves to make leaf-shaped patterns on our paintings, so the leaves were just going to get thrown away afterwards, but they were so pretty in the sunlight that my mom suggested that we photograph them before they got thrown away.
They turned out really beautiful, and worked nicely on our art-pictures too! We sprayed them red and gold, here they are, what do you think?

Aren't they pretty? Well, I think so!  I didn't get to finish the painting I was using the leaves for, I'll post a picture of it here, too, in a couple of weeks when it's done.  We only go to art on Thursdays, so it might take a while!
Once again, my amazing mom did this for me, she took the picture, which wasn't so easy! (I know, because I helped her... lol.)
Tane xx

a skirt for Mila

Hey! I'd like to tell you about the skirt that my mom made for Mila! Of course, I'll give you some pictures, too.
She wanted to make Mila a fairy outfit, so she looked it up on the internet and it came up with a blog which gave you a really easy step by step pattern for making a fairy skirt! If you want to see the blog, click here.
Anyways, Mila loves it!

Here's pic No. 1

Mila is wearing the fairy skirt there. Oh! I forgot to tell you, my mom bought a shirt from ackermans (on sale!) and sewed little butterflies onto it, to match! That's the shirt she's wearing there. :)

 Pic No. 2

In that picture you can see the different colours of the skirt better, and you can see Mila's cute face better, too!
I'm glad to say, I think my mom is awesome for being able to do that. Don't think I could ever!
Hope you enjoyed my blog, and thanks for the visit.
Tane xx

pip and I

This is who Pip is:

The lovely bird on my head. Pip is my darling little Speckled Pigeon that is tame! But I'll tell you more about her when I'm done with the pics. (oh, by the way, the girl with Pip on her head, yes, it's me!)

I'm sure she/he's modeling for the camera! ;)

Pip and I are both doing some funny things there, aren't we? :D

"Flowers, Pip?" :D I think that's the prettiest one. ;)

That's all the pics.

My family and I were having supper when this cute feathered person flew into the window. Surprisingly, when we saved her from the dogs, she was not afraid of us! Thank goodness the dogs did not get her and no harm was done. She was tame and loved our company. We have kept her ever since! We feed her seeds and water, and we let her out of her huge cage (seriously, for a cage it's big) and she flies around the neighborhood until she comes back to us. She'll fly onto our head, and then we'll put her back into her cage. Today, me and my mom were on the veranda and Pip flew onto my mom's head.
My mom said, "Oh, hello Pip!"
Soon, my mom put her on my head and we took all those photos. While that was happening, our Cat, Peru, (not the one that had kittens) was lying down by my feet, and didn't try to attack Pip.
I believe that Pip is a wonderful gift from God that I must not take for granted, and I love her so! All of us love her, and adore her. I'm so glad that God was generous and gave us a new beautiful pet! :)
Tane xx


The blackest one is Cayenne (named after the capital city of French Guiana), and the Ginger one is Cairo (after the capital of Egypt), and the one right at the bottom is Canberra (named after the capital of Australia). :) It has long since been a tradition in our family to name our cats after places, such as countries or cities.
They are so incredibly cute! And I can't wait till they grow up and we can play with them! Cayenne and Canberra are girls and Cairo is a boy. Somerset Rose is such a excellent momma, which is surprising, since the Persian breed has a bad reputation for parenting.
I look forward to much fun with our new little fuzz balls! The last we had kittens, I was a baby and so I wasn't able to have much fun with them... Will make up for that now.
Hopefully, nothing bad will happen to these gorgeous little kittens and hopefully they will grow up strong and healthy, that would be great...
Thanks for the visit!
Tane xx

my first day of blogging

Hi everyone! This is my very first day of blogging, and I'm so excited! If you know much about blogging, or some useful things, I would really appreciate it if you would put your advice in your comments! I'll be on here quite often, I think, so be sure to check my blog out every now and again to read my blog posts.
I'm a girl who really loves Jesus, writing and taking photos. I'm ten. My mom sells stuff online, so I thought I would do a link-through...
Click here to go to my mom's one of my mom's pictures, she also does T-shirts. If you click on that link, you will go to a picture that my mom took of my dog and her puppy, I'm sure it will make you SMILE!
You can also have a look at some of her other works from that website.
Tane xx
P.S. I used to have a poem posted with this post about my family at the supper table, but I took it off because I wrote it when I was really young and it was quite an immature poem.