writing a new story (and some random things)

Hi. Well, I decided a while ago, that I was going to write a new story, my favorite thing to do! I'm always wanting to write a new story. :D So, I have, the first chapter, but I haven't posted it on KidPub yet, I have to go over it one more time... Fix the spelling mistakes check on the grammar and stuff like that...
Oh, yeah, and the another thing. I have been on the computer quite a bit, today. NO surprise. But, hey, don't say I'm a computer hogger, I did take a break on Wednesday! ;)
I figured I needed to do a blog post before Saturday, cuz I ain't doing one then. I think, just maybe, just MAYBE, I'm getting a little lazy at posting blog entries...
Anyway, I am half typing my blog post, half watching a scary show of people getting killed by Pumas! (also know as: Cougar and Mountain Cat) Interesting and SUPER scary...


  1. Awesome!! I love starting new stories, too ^_^ Well, i'm also disappointed at the same time, because I couldn't finish my other one, but at the same time, 'tis a brand new adventure!! :D

    Aaaah I hate scary shows :( I'm quite fragile when it comes to stuff like that... Lol :p

    I love the layout of your blog, by the way ^_^ And your picutre. Not to sound stalkerish or anything. But it looks really professional! And you're really photogenic! Again, I am NOT a stalker...well, over the Internet I'm not :P

    And 'twas fun feading your fish ^_^

  2. Hey Chiaki!

    Since you hate scary shows, I'm the opposite of you! Lol. :)

    Thanks for the compliment on my blog! :D Oh, the reason why my mom looks really professional is because my mom is a photographer. :D

    Look up Micklyn on Google and it will probably come up with some of her work.

    Thanks a bunch for the comment!


    P.S. Hehe, I LOVE feeding my fish! :p


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