The blackest one is Cayenne (named after the capital city of French Guiana), and the Ginger one is Cairo (after the capital of Egypt), and the one right at the bottom is Canberra (named after the capital of Australia). :) It has long since been a tradition in our family to name our cats after places, such as countries or cities.
They are so incredibly cute! And I can't wait till they grow up and we can play with them! Cayenne and Canberra are girls and Cairo is a boy. Somerset Rose is such a excellent momma, which is surprising, since the Persian breed has a bad reputation for parenting.
I look forward to much fun with our new little fuzz balls! The last we had kittens, I was a baby and so I wasn't able to have much fun with them... Will make up for that now.
Hopefully, nothing bad will happen to these gorgeous little kittens and hopefully they will grow up strong and healthy, that would be great...
Thanks for the visit!
Tane xx


  1. Awww, aren't they the sweetest thingz! :D

  2. Sweet? They're _MORE_ than sweet! They are ADORABLY SWEETLY CUTE!! :P *SO CUTE* :)

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