my ideal day in 180 words

Inspired by my sister, Perrin. She wrote her own ideal day which she posted on her blog, here.
And so, my ideal day starts...
I would be on my bed, reading, eating chocolate, at least 2 loyal dogs, snuggled up next to me. At breakfast time, I would go through to the kitchen and have a BIG salad, with Spaghetti Bolognaise (my favourite!) Then I would go to the computer, sit down, blog, go on KidPub and check my emails. I would run to the post box and there will be 10 letters from my pen pals for me. I would sit down, read them all, answer them all, decorate them all and put stickers on them all. And then I would jump on the trampoline with one of my siblings. Then I would get a pedicure and go to the hairdresser... I then would get a massage. I’d go back home and have pizza. (oh, I love pizza) I would model for some of my mom’s pictures, and then I would go and play with Pip my bird. At our farm, we’ll go to the river and have a picnic and enjoy ourselves in the sun, bliss.  

Ah, VERY different to my sister’s ideal day in 180 words, lol!
What did you think of it? Would your ideal day be very different? If you have a blog, you gotta try this! Use Word (if you have it) which will help you count the words. :)
Thanks for the visit.


  1. ^_^ That sounds fun! :) I wish I had a trampoline... :p I'm still thinking aobut how mine would be, it really depends on my mood. >.<


    Very interesting Ideal Day, you've got there ^_^ I like the part about eating :) Cool! Teen pen pals is a lot to have 0_o

    We had to write about our ideal day in school, though it was for French class. Mine basically consisted of me running a billion dollar compay, and eating at beaches and going to movies with my KP friends :P

  3. @amy: Yes, when I wrote about my "Ideal day" I was in a hungry mood...

    @Kerry: Thanks, Kerry!

    @Chiaki: I'm with you. I <3 Food! ;) So, your ideal day would have to do with richness!

  4. Rad. I thought I was the only one who loved Spaghetti for breakfast! Loved reading about your day.
    Love from Uncle Jono

  5. Hey Uncle Jono! I bet you're far from the only one that loves Spaghetti for breakfast! :) Thanks for checking my blog out!
    Love from Tane

  6. Hey Tane darling. I didn't know spaghetti was your favourite food. I love pasta too but Oupa doesn't really so I don't get it very often. I am looking forward to seeing you all soon and meeting Levi for the first time. It is all so exciting. I want you to pray that I will find the time to start a blog. It seems a fun way to get into writing. How come I am blessed with such brilliant and creative grandchildren? love Nana

  7. Hello Nana :) Yes, I love pasta... :) All of us do! Mom says that Levi is a very ugly baby, Lol! (she saw in the scans)
    I also can't wait till you come.
    Lots of love
    Tane ♥


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