Perrin's blog (and something about Afrikaans)

Hello there. My sister, Perrin, has a new blog now! She really enjoyed making it. Click here to see it. :)
Today, our Afrikaans tutor came. I learnt this sentence: Vandag het ek uitgesien daarvan dat my afrikaanse tutor juffrou moet kom. Ek het baie geleer van afrikaans.
English: I couldn't wait till my Afrikaans teacher came! I was really looking forward to her coming. I learned a lot of Afrikaans.
Eh...still learning. I think it means that...Well, that's what life is about! Learning and having fun, as well as loving God.
Tell me if you saw any mistakes in my Afrikaans sentence, please?
I am going to try and learn a lot of Afrikaans and perhaps make it my second language! I hope so, that would be great for me.
My sister and I have realized that Afrikaans is actually easier to learn then English. At first I said, "No way, English is easier than Afrikaans," but now, I definitely think that Afrikaans makes more sense than English... You may disagree, but if you practice both, then you shall find out the truth! Anyways, I'm going to work hard on Afrikaans.
Our tutor taught us Afrikaans, then gave us caramel chocolate bears...lovely. ;) She is actually a really nice tutor who makes sure we understand her and her language.
Perrin is way ahead of me! As in, she knows lots of words that I don't. Oh well.
Bye for now.


  1. Learning a new language is fun (I'm trying too, but I feel like a kindergarten kid :-) Afrikaans is a language that terrifies me, well not the language, but the trying to understand it bit! I was in South Africa a long time ago and I could never figure out the language unless they were speaking English and even the the accents seem so different, but still very similar to the Australian accent. I'm sure you'll get your tongue around it better than me!

  2. Thanks for your thoughtful comment, Sandy! It's great having you comment on my blog. :D


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