a skirt for Mila

Hey! I'd like to tell you about the skirt that my mom made for Mila! Of course, I'll give you some pictures, too.
She wanted to make Mila a fairy outfit, so she looked it up on the internet and it came up with a blog which gave you a really easy step by step pattern for making a fairy skirt! If you want to see the blog, click here.
Anyways, Mila loves it!

Here's pic No. 1

Mila is wearing the fairy skirt there. Oh! I forgot to tell you, my mom bought a shirt from ackermans (on sale!) and sewed little butterflies onto it, to match! That's the shirt she's wearing there. :)

 Pic No. 2

In that picture you can see the different colours of the skirt better, and you can see Mila's cute face better, too!
I'm glad to say, I think my mom is awesome for being able to do that. Don't think I could ever!
Hope you enjoyed my blog, and thanks for the visit.
Tane xx


  1. What a pretty skirt! Ask your Mom if she takes orders - Jordy would LOVE a skirt like that!

  2. My mom says:Click on the link in the second paragraph, it's so easy Jordy could make it herself!

    Hmm, I'm not sure if mom takes orders, but I would help her if she did! :D


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