pip and I

This is who Pip is:

The lovely bird on my head. Pip is my darling little Speckled Pigeon that is tame! But I'll tell you more about her when I'm done with the pics. (oh, by the way, the girl with Pip on her head, yes, it's me!)

I'm sure she/he's modeling for the camera! ;)

Pip and I are both doing some funny things there, aren't we? :D

"Flowers, Pip?" :D I think that's the prettiest one. ;)

That's all the pics.

My family and I were having supper when this cute feathered person flew into the window. Surprisingly, when we saved her from the dogs, she was not afraid of us! Thank goodness the dogs did not get her and no harm was done. She was tame and loved our company. We have kept her ever since! We feed her seeds and water, and we let her out of her huge cage (seriously, for a cage it's big) and she flies around the neighborhood until she comes back to us. She'll fly onto our head, and then we'll put her back into her cage. Today, me and my mom were on the veranda and Pip flew onto my mom's head.
My mom said, "Oh, hello Pip!"
Soon, my mom put her on my head and we took all those photos. While that was happening, our Cat, Peru, (not the one that had kittens) was lying down by my feet, and didn't try to attack Pip.
I believe that Pip is a wonderful gift from God that I must not take for granted, and I love her so! All of us love her, and adore her. I'm so glad that God was generous and gave us a new beautiful pet! :)
Tane xx


  1. A PIGEON?! Well, Tane, that is about the most awesomest thing I have ever seen. :D XD

  2. Yes, a Pigeon! :)
    Thanks Cami!
    Lots of love
    Tane ♥


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