~Pattern Love~

It turns out this will be my last post before moving houses. :)
I love patterns, so I decided to share with you some I've really been into lately. Some of them are ones I've created, some are my Mom's - but all the rest are via Pinterest. Ahhh. Pinterest.

Kick of Freshness Art Print

Moroccan I Art Print

Tropical Stripes


Pastel Tropical Floral Pattern Design with watercolor texture Art Print


Pastel Pattern Frenzy Art Print

Flower Doodle iPhone case Greeting Cards & Postcards by micklyn | Redbubble This is stunning. :)

Which one was your favorite? I'd love to know!

Holiday Pics Part 2 - Hiking

The Thursday after this Thursday, we will be moving. Then I'll be cut off from the internet for awhile...
This might be my last post before then; but I will get back to posting regularly as soon as possible! Anyway, my Oupa, Josh, Perrin, Johny, myself, Grace and Hudson went hiking during our holiday. And here are the pictures. (By the way, my older brother Johny and I both took pictures, I don't know who took what, though - and cannot take all the credit) I didn't take a long time editing, since there are so many.

^ Green grass and a blue sky, you would think it was a wonderful day to go hiking...it was perfect, except for the extremely strong wind. Wow.

^ There was so much to look at. So beautiful!

^ Like I said, the sun was shining.

^ Not all who wander are lost. Though we did get lost on this hike. ; ) There were lots of stunning vineyards.

^ At this part, we hadn't actually started hiking yet. We were just getting there...

^ The hike took place in Stellenbosch; there was such amazing scenery, and it was the first time I had been there.

^ I loved the amazing mountains.

^ Ok. I'll be silent for awhile and let you concentrate on the pictures instead of my words.

^ Now for some portraits.

^ I would say Grace had a blast. She's definitely an nature girl.

^ Hudson, Perrin and me. This was taken at the highest point we hiked to.

^ Perrin decided to do a crazy face, and I don't think she knows I put this on the internet. :P It was indeed very windy!

^ Joshua looking down at the wonderful view.

^ I convinced Johny to let me take a picture of him.

^ My Oupa and Perrin.

^ Imagine how many grapes. Yum.

Sorry that there were 22 photos...I guess I just got carried away with how gorgeous this world is. Anyway, thanks for reading, and a BIG thank you to my Oupa, if it wasn't for him we wouldn't have been able to go on this awesome hike.