merry Christmas to all

I made a...something... just to wish you all a Merry Christmas! So, here it is:

To all! The more
Family, the more joy!
On Christmas morning, we
*Share, love, tell jokes and smile!*
Here’s something
To look forward to...
It’s Christmas, Merry Christmas!
The night that baby Jesus was born, the
Holy, holy night... All is peaceful, all is right.
*Merry merry Christmas, joy to all, happiness to all!*
Love, happiness,
Hope, joy, merriness
Grace, faith, trust, ‘tis the
season for those, ‘tis the season.
Be grateful, be happy, be sweet, be kind,
*Be generous on the Special Christmas morning...*
Hooray for
 Hooray for

So, Merry Christmas!
-Tane xx


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