Julie Andrews

Today my mom was working on a picture of hers which was inspired by the song of Julie Andrews, "Some of My Favourite Things" (it was a really beautiful picture). When I asked her if I could listen to the whole song, she looked it up on YouTube.

I love that song... It was also played in "The Sound of Music" one of my very favourite movies. Julie Andrews, as well as singing, acts. She was Mary Poppins. :D So, I am a fan of Julie Andrews. Her singing makes me happy and I just want to listen to it all the the time! :) I think she may be my favourite singer... Just listen to the video from YouTube that I have given above and you'll see how good her singing is!
Julie also acted in "The Tooth Fairy" and "Princess diaries". Oh, I also think that she's one of the best of actresses! Here's two links that will take you to different places giving information about her: Julie Andrews' Bio 1. Julie Andrews' Bio 2. Julie Andrews is also very pretty, plus, apart from acting and singing, she worked a little on books. That's right, she was an author too. Go here to a website that will tell you even more about her writing. She was married to Blake Edwards but he sadly died at the age of 88. So, what do you think about Julie Andrews? Tell me in your comments!
Tane xx


  1. Ooh I love Julie Andrews! Her voice is so pretty! The Sound of Music is one of my favorite movies!!

    God Bless~

  2. Julie Andrews is an amazing actress! I loved her in Sound of Music and the Princess Diaries! You can't forget that she was in Mary Poppins! I agree that her voice is beautiful :) "My Favorite Things" always manages to creep inside my mind and play over and over again. It's a bit annoying actually. :P

  3. ^_^ I've never heard of her! But then again, I'm not good about celbirity names and all that. :P Anywaym, she sounds cool and I like the song. :D Cool post!

  4. I love and adore Julie Andrews!
    She is so sweet and her singing + acting so beautiful!


  5. @Tirzah: Yes, her voice is pretty!! Thanks for the comment. :)
    @Rebecca/NightOwl: Hi Rebecca! Yes, she is an amazing actress! ;)
    @amy: Thank you for the comment, Amy!!
    @Melissa: I adore her too!
    Lots of love
    Tane ♥

  6. Julie Andrews is pretty and talented but not as much as you. Next to you she would look strangely insignificant... :)) Keep up the good work, Tane ♥

  7. Julie Andrews was big, and I mean really huge when I was a kid...
    for my first dress-up at school I went as Mary Poppins and it was windy and rainy on the way to school that day. I thought I'd try my umbrella, but sadly it didn't do the trick... can you believe I thought that just by opening my umbrella I would be able to fly?
    In my defence, I was 4 :-) and it was my first ever umbrella!

  8. @sandystuff: Aww, you must have been a really cute 4 year old!! :)) Anyho, thanks for your comment!!
    @Perrin: Thanks so much Sis. You're really special. :)

  9. Another Julie Andrews fan! I simply love her singing too. When I was a little younger I wanted to be a singer and actoress just like her. But movie stars arn't like the ones back then. Old movies just arn't the same as the ones now days.

    Leah Nicolette

    1. Yes, Julie Andrews rocks! You're right, old movies aren't the same, I wish they were.
      Thanks for the kind comment, Leah!


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