cheesy chicken tortilla

Hi everyone,
I've entered Heidi-Mari's baking challenge for the second time!
A delicious and easy snack. You can get your younger siblings or children to help you, they would have fun! You may even want to make it for your mother on mother's day, as I made it for my mom, and she loved it! So, cook, eat and enjoy!

This time, I've made a chicken, and cheesy tortilla with salad, out of my head! It was really fun, so, thanks for making the challenge, Heidi-Mari! So... Here's how I did it.

What You Will Need:
Half a chicken breast, cut into anything, strips, cubes or chunks.
Some pickled chillis - optional!
4 pieces of cheese, preferably grated. (don't make them to thin, remember, this recipe is supposed to be cheesy!)
10 grams crushed chilli and garlic (you can put less in, but it gives it a lot of taste).
20 grams capers, don't used if not liked!
Pinch of pepper.
A tortilla (use a favourite or traditional recipe, or go to this one, but I made my one it out of my head, with help from my mom!)
7 baby rosa tomatoes.
Shredded lettuce (use how ever much you want).
13 slices cucumber.
Any type of salad dressing, homemade or shop-bought.
6 slices red pepper.
And... I think that's it! :)

What You Must Do:

First thing first, flavoring the chicken. You will fry the chicken later, but you must first throw some flavor in. :)
Put the crushed chilli and garlic, capers, pepper and pickled chillis. Mix well, and leave to marinate.

Next step, the salad. Cut the baby rosa tomatoes in two, and set them aside. Then shred the lettuce and set that aside, too. Now it's time to slice the cucumber and the red pepper. Slice them anyway you want, be creative! ;) Place neatly on a plate, and then sprinkle droplets of salad dressing all over it. Once you are done with that, put the plate with salad on in the fridge, put something over them to try and keep it fresh.

Now, back to the chicken. Put the chicken on to fry, and place all cheese in with the chicken. Fry the chicken and cheese mixture until the cheese is all melted and the chicken well cooked. Get the tortilla on a plate. Put the chicken on the tortilla, and toll up the tortilla. Place the tortilla next to the salad on the plate. Here's a tip, grate a little more cheese, and put it on top of the tortilla, to make it more cheesy, yummy and decorative! Now you have your tortilla special, enjoy!

If you feel like entering a challenge, then get up and cook or bake! Heidi-Mari is just waiting for you to enter!
Lots of love


  1. Lovely! :) It looks SO yummy. :)

  2. Thank you very much, Serenity!
    Lots of love
    Tane ♥

  3. Great job!
    It looks really yummy!!

  4. Thanks Dodi, thanks a bunch! :))
    Lots of love
    Tane ♥

  5. I have to try these tortillas sometime soon - they look amazing! Thank you for your lovely comment:) Lots of love, Kelly-Anne

  6. Thanks Kelly-Anne! :)
    Lotsa love
    Tane ♥


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