my drawing challenge #2 is...

...Valentines Day!
My drawing challenge #1 is open for voting for the moment, and now it's time for...drawing challenge #2! Drawings for Valentines day! :)

Here are the guidelines for this challenge:
1) This is an any media challenge (that means you can use any crayons, pencils or pens, but not digital media, please), as long as your picture is for valentines day (it can be a card)
2) Please add at least one heart to your drawing!
3) Pink and red are the most important colours for this challenge...
4) You can photograph or scan your picture in, whichever one suits you. You're also allowed to use Photoshop to make it a bit brighter, if you want.
5) The prize is a pack of stickers that suit Valentines day. (kind of like surprise Valentines day stickers! Sorry, don't have a photo of them)
6) The voting will start on the 20th of February, Monday.

And if you are new to this challenge (which you probably are...) here are some things you'll need to know...

1) ANYONE is allowed to join, there are no age restrictions!!
2) Whoever wins will get the prize, no matter what. Where ever your home is, I can post it to you, just email me your address at, or give me your email address in your comment, whichever one you prefer.
3) Only one picture per person, please.
4) When the voting starts, you're allowed to ask anyone to vote for you, which means you can advertise on facebook, twitter, your blog, etc.
5) Spread a little love, comment on the other entries!
6) To enter, you must post your drawing on your blog and then link it up using the blue frog linky thing underneath my search blog at the top of my blog. Or, if you don't have a blog, simply email me your Valentine's day drawing and I will post it on my blog and link it up for you!
7) I will put everyone's pictures and links back to their blog in a separate post when voting time comes.
8) Please link back to my blog in your post that contains your drawing, so that other people can enter.
OK, so that's everything, and thanks guys!


  1. Tane you have a lovely blog! You write beautifully and have such lovely ideas!

    Hudson, your picture is amazing! I love the butterfly!

    Gracie your picture is also beautiful! Keep up the drawing - you are a great artist!

    1. Dear Kerry
      Thank you so much for the visit to my blog and the sweet comment! Grace was so happy to hear what you had to say about her picture. Hudson says thank you so much!!

  2. Dear Tane! Thanks for the stickes!♥ They are lovely!Johanna ♥


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