awarded, again!

Hello everyone! I was awarded by a couple of people, again, hooray! (including LoriKathryn and Jessie! Thanks so much guys!)


(1 Post these rules.
(2 Write seven random facts about yourself
(3 Award ten other people
(4 Leave a comment on their blog to let them know that you awarded them.

Okay, so here it goes:
Random facts
1. I like the game Scrabble.
2. I hope to become a part time poet someday.
3. I used to think nothing of photography, but now I really love it.
4. I have 6 brothers, and only 3 sisters!
5. I can touch type!
6. I love Psalm 15.
7. I'm running a drawing challenge!

Now for the people I'd like to award!
Abby @ To Touch The Stars
Lily Marie @ Lily In His Field
Arianna @ lil' miss imperfect
Blythe @ Raindrops
KayleeBeth Simmons @ Life From My View

Not ten people, but maybe I'll add another 5 later. Thanks for reading everyone!

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