The Q&A Blog Award

Hey guys! I hope you're doing well. :) I was awarded the Q&A blog award by Braelyn. Thank you so much!
These are the rules:
1. Post award and rules on your blog.
2. Answer all 10 questions that are given to you.
3. Award 3 other bloggers.
4. Tell them in a comment on their blog that you have awarded them.
Now here are my questions:
1. What is your favourite colour? - Red, pink or blue!
2. If you had to be stranded between the desert or the frozen artic, which would it be? - The frozen artic.
3. Whats your favourite animal? - I think it would be a dog or horse, but I like cats and big cats too. :)
4. What do you like to do when it's raining? - Read or blog!
5. If you could star in any movie, what movie would it be? - The Sound Of Music.
6. If you could have anyone in the whole world to come to your birthday party, who would it be? - Definitely my Dad, Mom and siblings.
7. What creature are you most afraid of? - I would say a bear or a shark.
8. If you could have any animal in the whole wide world to be your pet, what would it be? - A lion!
9. What's your favourite hobby? - I have a lot, lol. ;) Reading, photographing, writing, art, tennis, swimming, blogging, baking and playing with my siblings. I love them all. :)
10. What are you most looking forward to this year? - Christmas. :D

The people I award can answer all those questions if they accept the award. But I'll remind you guys, you don't have to at all!
Here are the people I'm awarding:
Have a great day, everyone!
Best wishes,


  1. Thanks Tane for awarding me. Hopefully I can do the post very soon!! :)

  2. Hey Tane!!
    Thanks soooo much for awarding me!
    I'll claim my award tomorrow, right now I have to sleep, sleep, sleep... PS: (It's 9:30 pm and I have to wake up early tomorrow, because we are going on a homeschooling trip :D )
    Anyway, it's great to have you back in the world of blogging!!!! We all missed you and Perrin (Where is she??) Lol
    *yawn* gotta sleep.......
    All my love *yawn*
    Nine xxx
    Sorry for the anonymous comment, but it's me, Nine

    1. Hey Nine! Perrin is so busy because she has started studying to become a chef, and so she can't post on her blog... :( Anyway, thanks for the comment!


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