Off To The Cape

Hey everybody, I'm here to say goodbye for eleven days. My family and I are leaving for Cape Town tomorrow morning, and we'll be gone for a while, so I won't be able to do any blog posts. But when we get back, I will try and post a lot of photos from our holiday! The last time we went on a trip down that way, we almost died. No, I'm really serious. The road we were driving on was flooded, so we took the Swartberg Pass. A thin dirt road that winds around a mountain with no barrier. So imagine that, with nine children, in a Quantum and a trailer, while it's raining and chunks of the road turns into mud before falling off the side...yup, pretty scary. Of course we didn't know it was going to be like that...
Well, my brothers were shaking hands and saying nice knowing you - I felt like vomiting.
And we made it. I am very sure it is only because God was looking after us. It was quite an adventure, but I don't think we'll be going through that pass this time.
I'm really looking forward tomorrow; I love Cape Town a lot and my grandparents are having their 40th's going to be a lot of fun. :)


  1. I would love it if you would follow my blog, I've followed you for a while.

  2. Have a great time and please stay safe!!

  3. Ha Ha.... yeah that sounds like something my brothers would say in a situation like that too! Hope you have a "SAFE" and Great trip.


  4. Have a good time! I'll look forward to seeing your pics when you get back

  5. Enjoy your vacation to the utmost, Tane!
    Can't wait to hear about it!!!


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