Beautiful Gifts From The Lord

Hey everyone! So sorry I haven't posted in awhile...oh muffins, I always start like that! ;) Let me rephrase; Hey everyone! You're about to experience wonderful pics that the Lord allowed me to capture - you're about to experience true words about what the Lord has given me - and you're about to experience let me get on with it. :)

We left to go to our farm last Saturday. Wow - south of Africa is a stunning place. You only need to see these snapshots I took on our way to believe that:

I haven't been out of South Africa, except when I was 5 months old I visited America - but I must say, I am completely satisfied here. It is one of the most beautiful places ever and I am super happy that God watched over me and chose this place for me to be born.

And though I love my country, if there is one thing I am the most grateful towards the Lord (apart from being my savior and dying for my sins) it's my family. They are fantastic, brilliant, wonderful and awesome people...(not to mention good-looking, lol)

Dad, Levi and Mom:



 While God has given me my family and and a beautiful country, he's also given us a beautiful farm. A stunning view of the Sleeping Giant ( a mountain you will see in the images to come) and other gorgeous features are apart of it. Recently one of our biggest Gum Trees fell down. It was so huge standing up and we could never climb it, but now that it's on the ground...well, what can stop us?

What fun. :) In the background you can see the Sleeping have to see the full view if you wanna know why it's called that, though.

While it has high branches for the older ones to climb on, it also has lower branches for the younger ones to play on.

Grace was determined to go as high as possible...

(Climbing down now - I think she realized she'd gone far enough, lol)

Here I am against the tree. We took wood up to the farmhouse afterwards...Gum Tree is good to burn in the fire. 

It's like a jungle under the leaves...but it's like a wonderful, nature playground.

Mila was bouncing on a low branch she found...look at the smile. :)

But there's more. Something so joyful and happy - something that will bring smiles all around - something the Lord has made for our pleasure, and His own, too.
Children's play.

And the last thing...the Lord gave us end a beautiful day...

So thank you, Father God, for all the beautiful gifts you have spoiled me with!!


  1. AWWWWWWWWW! That's so sweet! You are very blessed:-) Just like I am with my 4 siblings! Family is such a blessing!

    1. Yes I am! Thanks so much for commenting - and following my blog! I really appreciate it. :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you, Jess - I always appreciate your comments!
      Tane ♥

  3. well done Tane the photos are stunning. Nice to capture a photo of your dad as he is very camera-shy!

    1. Lol, thank you so much, Nana : ) How did you get to my blog? I thought it wasn't working!

  4. Thanks for the pictures! We REALLY enjoy your blog! We have awarded you over at our blog!
    God Bless!
    ~Hannah, Ruth and Sarah~


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