Hi there! I know that even though I said I like to write on my page "About The Authoress", I haven't ever posted a piece of my writing. Apart from a few poems at the beginning.
So, here is an imaginative story of mine - I enjoyed writing it, so I hope you'll enjoy reading it. :)


Not too far from where you and I live, there is a place called Sugarland. The title seems so appealing to everyone, young and old, and you might just ask me how or when or if you can get there, but, alas! I cannot answer that, instead, stay awhile and I shall tell you of its wonders, and just what delights are in Sugarland.

Once you have learned the name, you’ll be sure to be expecting something sweet, and I assure you, you won’t be disappointed...

In Sugarland there are fields of golden grass, except this grass is made out of honey. That’s right. It’s like someone blitzed honeycombs, moulded them into strands and left them to set in the sun. This honey, however, is different. It never melts, and it is much sweeter and stickier then any ordinary honey. You could pluck one and suck it, letting it melt in your mouth until it’s gone, and the wonderful taste that makes you shiver with delight lingers on the tip of your tongue for a while afterwards.

In Sugarland there are shimmering, crystal clear lakes. They are so stunning, that it’s hard to take your eyes off them. But the best part about the lakes is the mud at the bottom. Why is the mud the best part? You may ask. But I’ll tell you why. It’s because if you dive down and come back with a handful of it, when you taste the mud, it’s not mud you taste, but chocolate mousse! Not just any chocolate mousse. But a type that gives a tingling sensation as it goes down your throat, one that fills you with a good taste, so good I can’t even describe it.

In Sugarland when it snows, it snows in all different colours. It looks so magical coming down in a rainbow; there’s pink, violet, green, blue, yellow and even orange. But that’s because the snow is actually ice cream! Some days it snows only chocolate and vanilla flavours, but other days you get strawberry flavoured, blackberry flavoured, lime flavoured, bubblegum flavoured, banana flavoured toffee flavoured and plenty, plenty more flavours that I can’t name. But I can tell you that this ice cream is the best ever. It’s so splendid, that it doesn’t even need chocolate sauce!

But all these things I have shared with you so far do not prepare you for what you are about to learn...In Sugarland, there are orchards where the children of Sugarland play all day long. But the trees there are amazing trees...and this is why: the bright, green, little, detailed leaves that are attached to the branches are so pretty to look at – but, if you pop one in your mouth, you’ll discover that the moment it touches your taste buds, a fantastic taste bursts and fills you with sweetness. This is because the little leaves are made out of the sweetest icing sugar ever!
As for the bark of the trees,’s made out of scrumptious flaky chocolate that I would definitely recommend you to eat – its texture being so lovely and the taste absolutely delectable.
Now, I want you to think for a moment; what does the best EVER candy taste like? Well, you can bet that’s what the fruit tastes like! OK, maybe it’s not exactly fruit, since it is actually candy hanging from the tree (but some are shaped like fruit), but I promise you they taste wondrous. Some people say they taste like normal hard boiled candy (I don’t understand those people) and some people say they taste like normal fruit (not at all!), but I say they taste like sugar, pure, good sugar...

Now, we’ve come to an end of our Sugarland adventure, and I hope that you’ve enjoyed it. When you’re feeling down or upset, just imagine Sugarland in your mind...picture it with its honey fields, magical lakes, snow ice cream and Sweet orchards. And when you feel as if Sugarland doesn’t exist, that it never has – then just eat something sweet.



P.S. I plan to make a new page containing all of the writing I have posted on my blog and still will post.


  1. YUM!YUM!YUM! That was amazing!!! You're super at writing stores! You should do it way more!!!!! For a moment I really thought I was there!!! Great jog!

  2. YUM! that was well done writing. would you like to do a guest post swap?

    --Rachel S

    1. Hey Rachel! Thanks for the encouraging words. : ) I'm afraid I don't really do guest post swaps...sorry! But thank you for offering!


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