Popcorn - My Model

This is a post dedicated to my cockatiel, Popcorn. : ) He is a fabulous model (although only when he wants to be!) and I do plenty of pictures with him. You have already seen the Valentine one, but here are a few more...

Time For Tweet by Tangerine-Tane

^ Time For Tweet

Care To Dance? by Tangerine-Tane

^ Care To Dance?

Popcorn's Close Up by Tangerine-Tane

^ Popcorn's Close Up

Anyway, I've had some people ask me how I get him to pose - but the thing is, I don't, lol! He gets to choose when he will pose nicely and when he will refuse. So I don't really have have a lot of special techniques, but this is one that helps:
One of the most difficult things is to get Popcorn to hold still. But an easy trick is to let him play quietly and once I have the light ready, if he is in the right position,  I call his name in a sing-song voice and he looks at the me. So, he looks at the camera, and I can focus on his face. I then have a few seconds to capture his eyes and alert look. It works!
I used that trick in all of those photos up there.

Here is another picture of Popcorn that I am working on:

^ Fly Away With Me

He is so sweet. : ) Well, I did the same thing in this image. What do you think of them? Which one is your favourite picture?


  1. What cute pics, Tane! I love the one of him on the scrabble board, so sweet! :)

    1. Thank you, Jessie! I appreciate your comment a lot!
      Tane ♥


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