Valentines Day

Hey! So, it's Valentines Day, and I've decided to post some images for you to make you guys smile...

The Mermaid and the Whale Art Print

^ The first one is an illustration my Mom did. It's called 'Love comes in all shapes and sizes' - I love it!

Spring Flowers Valentine Hearts Trio by fatfatin
^ This is a card I found on Redbubble.

I Heart Patterns iPhone Case

^ One of my Mom's heart iPhone cases...

LOVE................. by deborah brandon

^ Love.

Love Birds by Karin  Taylor
^ Also from Redbubble.

Bliss by Amanda  Cass
^ Balloon has the text, "Bliss".

Valentine Kitty by sarahnewton
^ Cute kitten.

Forget practical. I want ROMANCE.  Art Print

^ My Mom's dandelion picture.

And of my own.

Will You Be My Valentine? by Tangerine-Tane

Which one is your favourite?
I hope you enjoyed them all. There is plenty more I'd like to show you, but I don't want to make this blog post very long!


  1. I'm loving several of those :) Your mom is really talented, too! Happy Valentines Day! Sierra
    Keep growing beautiful!

    1. Thank you, Sierra! I know - my Mom is awesome. : )
      Tane xxx

  2. Thanks for including some of mine, Taney - Popcorn is the cutest, though! : )

    1. It's a pleasure, Mom!I think I love your whale one the most. It's beautiful!
      Tane ♥
      P.S. Thanks for commenting!


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