Birthdays In February

Every February, in our family, there are lots of birthdays. The 12th is Dad's and Perrin's birthday. Then we have three in a row - on the 26th, Mom, on the 27th, Johny, and on the 28th, Grace. I wanted to post a portrait of each of them and write some words about how wonderful they are. :)

^Photograph done by my Mom.

^ My Dad. He is generous, funny, hard-working, smart, good-looking, honest, righteous and someone who teaches his children to look to God, to trust in God, to obey God and to follow God. I am pretty sure I could not have asked for better.

^Photograph done by my Mom.

^ Perrin. My beautiful, determined, intelligent, responsible, hard-working, giving, unique, ambitious, truster in God and loving sister. She is a great older sister and I am so thankful to have her - not everyone has an older sister (let alone a sister) and especially not one like this.

^ My Mom is brave, clever, caring, gorgeous, hard-working, elegant, a fabulous role model, a fantastic mother, creative, an adorer of Jesus, a Proverbs 31 woman, devoted to be a blessing to her family and amazing. I want to be like her and I am so glad that God has given her to me!

^ Johny is my older brother by three years and he is wise, helpful, kind, handsome, a daredevil, hard-working, amusing, athletic, God-fearing and cool. I consider myself very blessed to have a awesome older brother like this.

Grace is my little sister - joyful, playful, fun, pretty, lovely, different, bright, full of life, optimistic, sporty, hard-working, willing and loves Jesus. Her cheerful attitude is contagious and she is such a sweet younger sister!

So, happy birthday to these marvelous people!

P.S. Tomorrow is my birthday - only six days after Grace's!


  1. That is such a sweet thing to do, Tangerine-Tane!! Happy Birthday, guys!! :)

  2. AWW! Happy b-day to all of them!
    You have a beautiful fam. :)

  3. Happy Happy (late) Birthday!
    P.S. We need to chat on Skype sometime :) lol

    1. Hey Aaliyah! Yeah - long time no talk...hehe. Thanks for the birthday wishes!!
      Tane xxx


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