Guinea Pig Pups

I haven't told you guys - well, I'm telling you now :) - we got two long-haired guinea pigs from a close friend of my Mom's in February. The male is Grace's, and his name is Caramel. The female is Mila's and her name is Finella. But the best part is yet to come...they had two pups (that's what guinea pig babies are called. I used to think that they only had three at the most, but apparently they can have more!) last Thursday, a day after my birthday. (what a wonderful present!) They are SO adorable! Here are some pictures:

^ This is Flossy. She is my little guinea pig and she is the size of a big hamster or a mouse (like her brother, but we'll get to him just now). She's so sweet and she's the biggest out of the two. We reckon her favourite is her dad, because she is always following him where ever he goes.

^ Here is her brother, Pete. He's just the right size to hold in your hand (like his sister) and he is gentle and meek (compared to his sister). But Pete was born disfigured - he has a twisted paw and a leg that is too short, plus an eye that is always closed. He still walks and runs and follows his mom. We love him very much and he is a special pet. 

^ The two siblings cuddling together on Grace's hand...

^ Now, here is the big daddy, Caramel. He likes to sit on our laps (if you are feeding him his favourite, lettuce) and he is very energetic. The pups love him (especially Flossy) and we do, too.

^ Last of all, but certainly not least, Finella, the mom. Every now and then she nips and she doesn't like us very much, but the family just wouldn't seem right without this darling character, who cares for her kids.

We are all so glad to have such wonderful pets that God gave to us to look after!
I hope you enjoy the pictures! Have any of you had guinea pigs before?


  1. Hey Tane! These babies are too sweet! We have guinea pigs - in fact, I have been breeding them for the last few years but guess what? I never knew they were called pups!! You learn something knew every day I suppose! They really are the most adorable little pets ever... Cocoa, our smooth x long haired female gave birth to six once and she only lost one. Candy, who has sadly since passed away, had five at one time! Ours must be setting some words records here:) And what sweet photos...

    Lots of love and happy birthday!! Love, Kelly

    1. Hey Kelly! That is really interesting! Six? Wow! I was told by the internet, the friend who gave them to us and my Mom that their usual number was two and the most three. But it's so cool that your guinea pigs had so many! We are also planning to breed them. Thank you so very much for the comment and birthday wish, Kelly!
      Tane ♥ ♥ ♥

    2. Wow that is great! Guinea pigs are too cute and the pups even more adorable! Enjoy:D Lots of love and hugs, Kelly-Anne

      P.S. I love visiting your blog too! It is always lovely:)

  2. Oh, they are simply adorable, Tane!

    1. Thanks for the comment, Nine! I know, they are the cutest!
      Tane xxx

  3. Replies
    1. :) They are so sweet! Thank you for visiting my blog, Jessie, it always makes me happy to see your comments!
      Tane ♥


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