It's That Time of Year

^Image via Pinterest - not my own.

I love Christmas. I love December. I love Christmas trees, wrapping presents, thinking of making other people happy, all the delicious festive food...and the celebration of the day of Jesus Christ's birth most of all. Isn't it such a wonderful thing? It gives me goosebumps thinking about it. This time of year makes me happy. I enjoy dwelling on the fact the Jesus came to earth for us. Christmas is my favorite celebration.


  1. I agree, I love all these things to! And I can't what for Christmas
    so came! Anyway great post. It is going to be so much fun...
    ♥ Grace xxx ;)

  2. I love Christmas sooooo much! I love how it's so festive! This post just reminded me of all the joys of Christmas!! ^-^ :D

  3. I love everything about Christmas too! The whole holiday cheer-thing, the lights in these dark chilly nights, hot chocolate & mugs and mittens, Jesus's all just captivates me. I love it. Cute post. :)

    1. Thank you, Lily! I love hot chocolate, but where I live it's Summertime during Christmas...anyway, thanks again!
      Tane xxx


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