When The Birds Call

This is quite an unprofessional poem. But I felt it- and I put it down in words. (Image via Pinterest)

Beautiful light and composition... love the slanting hill in the mid-ground + the birds soaring in the opposite direction.

They fly above me
So high in the sky
Just where I wish
I could be

I hear the birds call
I hear their caw
I hear their wings flap
I hear them sing

How easy it is to get lost
In a perfect moment
When everything else blurs
And the birds call

Should I capture the moment?
Should I let it fly away
Like the birds
To go home to its nest
Or should I just live
Live the moment
Live it for what it is
And listen to the birds call

When the sun sets
And the birds call
I know tomorrow will be different
And today will never happen again
So do I capture it?
Do I let it float
Beyond the horizon
Past the ocean
Maybe through the clouds

Because no one knows
What tomorrow will bring
Things could change
You might wish you had just sat there
And listened to the birds call
And lived the moment
Where you could be yourself
Even though you’re still not sure
Who you’re supposed to be
What you’re meant to do

Just listen to the birds call
Just live the moment
Just take a second
And let your soul soar

Can you hear
The birds call
They're there-
If you choose to listen.
Can't you hear?
The birds are calling.


  1. Wow, that is a great poem! I love it. ♥ Thanks for posting it. =)


    1. Oh, thank you Molly! I appreciate your comment.
      Tane ♥

  2. I love this part:

    How easy it is to get lost
    In a perfect moment
    When everything else blurs
    And the birds call

    It's like music! I can't describe it!It makes me feel so warm and somehow... in love?
    Sorry. Am I just too weird?


    1. You're not too weird, you're awesome. :) Thank you for the lovely words, Carmen!
      Tane xxx


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