Nothing Without You

I wrote a poem again. I'm always dreaming up poems, but I barely post them. And here it is.

When I stare out the window at the rain
And that helpless feeling nags again
You know I just want to give up
You know I’m not sure who to turn to
So you let me know
I can always turn to You.

I don’t know what to do
Everything’s a mess
Nothing makes sense
I might as well cry
And let everything go
In one big sigh
Who else is there for me?
You help me to see
You are there for me.

There’s no answer to my frustration
Or my confusion that’s sitting over there
And I’m sure that somewhere around here
Roams my huge amount of despair
I know it’s helpless
You show me it’s not
You take me under your wing
And make me want to sing.

I’m like paper in a fire
Burning fast
I’m like Yesterday
Still living in the past
You tell me that you love me
You let me run to you
You let that happy feeling sink in.

I’m like a daisy
On a night of frost
Frozen cold
Dead petals fall
You tell me that you love me
You let me run to you
You let that happy feeling sink in
With out You, I am nothing.


  1. This was so beautiful! Fantastic job, Tane!


  2. I love this so much!! I love writing like this but I'm no where near this good.

  3. Wow! Tane! This is really good! Did you ever consider trying to get your poems published?

    1. Hey Brianna, thanks so much! :) Yes, I've always thought I could just keep writing freestyle poems (what I feel, think...I love writing) and keep piling it up until I have enough to publish a poem book. I'd love to do that.
      Thanks for visiting!
      Tane ♥

    2. Awesome! Let me know if you ever try!


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