Liebster Blog Award! Yay!

Hi there! Recently I was awarded the Liebster blog award by two sweet people, Aili and Brooke. :) Yay!
So, the rules are:
1. Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link back to the site.
2. Copy and paste the Liebster blog award logo to your blog.
3. Choose five more up-and-coming bloggers who you feel deserve the award and hope they will accept and nominate in turn five.

I nominate:

Jess Leigh!

Thank you so much to the people who awarded me. :)
Best wishes,


  1. Hi Tane!
    Thanks so much for the blog award! Can you explain to me how to get it onto my blog? I'm A BIT confused.

  2. Thanks for picking me. how do I put the thing on my blog though. I tried copying and that pasting on (under layout-add a gadget) HTML/JavaScript.
    It did not go on though. How do I put it on? Do I go under something different?
    Could you please let me know?
    Thanks again.

  3. Hello Braelyn and Brianna!
    To put the Liebster blog award on your sidebar, right click on the liebster image, and click 'save image as'. Log into your blog and go to 'Layout'. Click 'add gadget' and browse all the gadgets until you get to the one 'Picture', click the plus sign then upload the image and save it. :) Hope I helped.

  4. Thanks for awarding me, Tane!!!

  5. Hey Tane!
    Just thought I'd let you know that I've stopped by, and am going to regularly read your blog. Keep up with the good work, and love Jesus ALWAYS!
    Btw, I'm the second out of 8 children, and I think that the bigger the families are, THE BETTER!

    1. Hello Jemimah!
      Thank you so much for the great comment... :) You're right about big families! It's so cool that you also have one.

  6. Thanks so much for awarding me, Tane! :)

  7. Hi Tane!

    Do you perhaps know how to award someone with the best blog award? If you do, please drop by and leave a comment with the instructions!

    Thanks again!


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