The Winner of My Drawing Challenge #5 Is...

I'm so sorry I'm late, everyone,  but yesterday I flew to Cape Town, so I didn't get any time to post. ;_ Remember I said that in this challenge there was going to be no prize?? Well - I changed my mind and now the prize is a set of stickers!! :) If Braelyn will please email me @ and give me her home address, then her prize will be on its way. If anyone has any questions about the challenge, you may email me on that address as well. :)
Best wishes,


  1. P.S. Thanks to everyone who voted for me!!!!

  2. Hey Tane!
    I have a question. How do you get that gadget for voting?
    Please tell me what it is!
    so, are you gonna follow? Pleez do!
    And I hope you can help me with all this blogging.
    If I need help:)
    You're awsum


  3. Hey!
    My friend Robyn follows ur blog!
    I need to make some changes to mine,
    And...well done Braelyn!

    Ur still awsum


  4. Hi Tane,
    Pleez join my challenge!
    Its closing soon, and it would be fun to compete against other friends of mine:)
    Thanx for everything!

    1. Hello Deborah
      I would very much like to join your challenge. : ) But I am a little confused to how it works...

    2. What do you mean editing?
      I'd like to join too=)


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