Christa Wells

We have a few songs of Christa Wells' from Noise Trade, a place where you can get free music. I absolutely love her singing and songs, she's so poetic and her music is beautiful. One of my favourites is 'Panning For Gold', I listen to it over and over again.
Here is a YouTube video of hers:

^ She sang to her mother a few months back on Mothers Day. The song is stunning and very sweet.

Christa is a christian singer and songwriter. At the moment she is doing a fund raise, and if you'd like to help her out, visit THIS link. Plus you can check our her website, CLICK HERE. Please spread everything I have just shared - I'm sure she'd really, really appreciate it.
Thank you for reading this!


  1. She is really good!
    Check out my new blog at:

    1. Yes, she is! I'll go check out your blog now.
      Tane xx


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