My Drawing Challenge #8 Is...

Don't worry, they aren't like rats, I'm sure they'll be pleasant to draw!
Here are the rules and guidelines for my eighth drawing challenge...
1. The prize! It will be a set of cute mice stickers.

2. You may use any tools. For example: paint, colouring pencil crayons, permanent markers, pens, water colour, pastels and graphite pencils. Your choice.
Please enter using the blue frog underneath my search box at the top of my blog; you can link it up from there. If you don't a blog and you can't link up using the blue frog, then please email me your entry you can leave the rest to me.
4. The deadline for this challenge is the 26th of November. The voting will start that day, and will end on the 3rd of December. I will announce the winner that day.

5.You can photograph your picture or scan it in...whichever one you prefer - but please try and brighten it up in Photoshop if you can; that way everyone can see your drawing well and all of it's colours will show. 
6. If there is only one entry, then that person will win. The voting will be canceled.

7. ANYONE is allowed to join, there are no age restrictions! 
8. Only one picture per a person, please. 
9. You're allowed to ask anyone to vote for you, which means you can advertise on facebook, twitter, your blog etc...but you aren't allowed to vote for yourself.
10. Only draw mice, please. That is the subject for this challenge. (it can be a single mouse)
11. Spread a little love, comment on other entries, everybody enjoys comments!

Remember if you don't have a blog then you can just email me your entry. My email address is: - feel free to also email me to ask any questions, or just comment below and I'll be happy to answer them.
I hope to see entries soon! : D


  1. Hey Tane, I tagged you at my blog (Scribblings of a Dreamer):


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