Spring of 2012

I know that one of my most recent posts is called 'Snow!' - and yes, that's how long I've been gone. But, as I told you in the last time I blogged, I'm back, and it's Spring again! : )
I am so happy to have the sun come out from behind the clouds. There are many things that are so enjoyable as I walk through our garden in the Spring of 2012...

....the smell of pollen in the air...

...a cat lying in the sun. (George)

Orange daisies!

The detail and beauty of all of the plants...

Our peaches just beginning to change colour.

Sunny faces!

All of the bright colours.

...new geraniums from the nursery...

And pansies when they aren't supposed to be growing till Winter.

It's all so beautiful. Spring is such a cheerful season. And I plan to enjoy this Spring very much. :D I hope you enjoy whatever your garden is like at the moment, too.

 P.S. All photos taken and edited by me!


  1. :O It's spring for you in Australia! :O Wow, were just starting to merge into winter.

    1. Hey Summer! No, I don't live in Australia, lol - we live in South Africa. RSA. What is your favourite season? Summer? Lol!
      Tane ♥

  2. Hello Tangerine Tane, I feel like it's been forever since I've visited your wonderful blog. Anyways, I wanted to let you know that I awarded you at my blog. =)


  3. Hi Emily! I'm honoured to have an award from you. Thanks for visiting my blog!
    Tane x

  4. Hello Tane! I was sooo excited when I realized that we have actually met you - I don't really remember our visit...I just recall playing games of some sort:) Ha! I was only going on ten then, but it feels like yesterday we took that stunning drive to your farm! Do you know that ever since you opened your blog and I found out you were living in RSA, I was almost sure we HAD met...:D What a surprise to find out we did!

    I am so glad you're back again - I've been off for ages, too so don't worry!!

    Lots of love and hugs,

    1. Hey Kelly! I was also quite excited when I found that out. But when I first visited your blog and read about you, I felt like I had met you somewhere, somehow!
      Stunning is a good word for Clarens. Our little cottage, Lothlorie, is still there, and we still own it, but it's so run down and the garden's a mess. My Dad is getting it fixed up so my grandparents can move there, and we'll come visit them from time to time. You guys should come see us when we're there...which is, of course, only in the future.

      I guess we all need a break now and then!
      Tane xx ♥

    2. P.S. I meant Lothlorien, not Lothlorie, sorry!


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