Worth Remembering (a poem)

(Photograph done by me)

Sometimes there are days
When I wish I could have done things differently
And changed my ways
But why would I look back?
I need to focus on the present
Maybe there was a lot I lacked
Back then
But the sun is shining now
And I don’t see any clouds
Now is the time to make good memories
And capture special time with my family
Because why would I look back?
When I have so much to look forward to...
Sure I’ll probably have another bad day again
But Jesus is here to help me with all the pain
So why would I look back?
I know what I’m going to do
With those days
I’ll just forget them
And I know what I’m going to do
With these days
I am going to make them
Worth remembering

Sometimes I really feel depressed because of the past. But I know God has something planned that is so worth  it and so satisfying for me in the future, so why would I look back?

'Change what you're saying, not what you've said.' (a line from one of the band Eels' song)


  1. Really Great Poem!
    And did you make your header? If so, I might be
    considering asking you to do mine! lol

    1. Thanks Aaliyah! Yup, I made my header - but my Mom took the photo of our family. If you give me the images you want in your header, I think I could do it! (Were you serious?) I'd be happy to do you a favour. :) We really need to talk on Skype again!
      Tane xxx ♥

  2. Yes, I was being serious, and Yes, we do need to talk on Skype SOON!
    I have sent the pictures! And just so you know, The header is for Imperishable Beauty.

    1. Cool, Aaliyah! I'll start working on it today, but I don't know when it will be done...I'll email you and ask you about colours and stuff.
      Tane ♥

  3. I love your blog and your poem Tane :)
    You're right about things looking black sometimes. Keep updating your blog! :)

    1. Thanks, Kendall! I appreciate your comment!
      Tane xxx

  4. Your poem was amazing!! It's so true!! It's all worth it, God has it all perfectly planned!! <3
    Sara-Jayne xx


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