blueberry smoothie, anyone?

Hello everyone. I made a blueberry smoothie for Heidi-Mari's Fortnightly Fun Baking Challenge # 12.

It's a delicious and quick recipe, so why don't you get started?
To make this yummy smoothie, you will need...

100g Blueberries
200g Plain Yogurt
30g Sugar

How many people this smoothie will satisfy is... 2. (a.k.a. Serves: 2)
Wanna know how to make this Blueberry smoothie? Read below...

1. Put the yogurt, Blueberries and sugar into a medium sized bowl.
2. Blend with a hand blender until properly mixed.
3. Slit three Blueberries down the middle (not all the way) and put them aside.
4. Pour the mixture into a wine glass and put the slit blueberries on the rim of the glass. Serve chilled and enjoy it!

I would REALLY appreciate it if you were to vote for me! :) Thanks.


  1. This looks so delicious, Tane! I wish I'd had a taste! Good luck with the challenge! XXXXXXXXXXXXX

  2. Aww, so sorry I didn't give you a taste. :( But thanks for your sweet comment! :)

  3. Wow - looks delicious!!!!

    Since you enjoy baking so much, would you consider sharing a recipe with on us Rubies Like Ruth? Every Wednesday during off-topic months, we try to feature different recipes. You may email me at if you're interested. Thanks!

    ~Ana Renee

  4. Hello Ana!
    Yes, I would love to contribute a recipe, and when I have one I'll email it to you. :) THANK YOU for your comment!! :)
    Lots of love

  5. Hi Tane!
    This looks like a great smoothie!! I love the colour! Thank you so much for taking part in my Fortnightly Baking Fun Challenge!
    Hope you have a great day

  6. @Heidi-Mari
    Hello Heidi! :) Thank you so much for your sweet comment. By the way, I we got those cookbooks you sent, we LOVE them! :D
    Lots of love

  7. Yum! Delicious :-) Thanks for sharing!


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