Grace's cinnamon, peanut-butter & banana smoothie

Hello everyone! My younger sister, Grace (8), hasn't ever entered Heidi Mari's Fortnightly Baking Fun Challenge, but now she made a delicious smoothie for the Baking Challenge # 12! She is very excited! :) But anyway, I'm posting it on my blog since she doesn't have a blog or email account. Is that fine with you, Heidi?
Let's get started on the recipe now...

Serves: 2


2 tablespoons peanut butter
1 banana
1 cup milk
1 tablespoon honey
1 teaspoon cinnamon for decoration


1. Blitz all the ingredients together with a hand blender until blended thoroughly.
2. Pour the smoothie into a glass.
3. Take a piece of card and cut a small heart in it and then put it on top of the glass. Sprinkle some cinnamon on top of the cut out heart. Take away the card to reveal a cinnamon heart. (the cinnamon plays quite a big role in this smoothie, it really tastes great)
4. Slit a slice of banana down the middle (not all the way) and stick it on the rim of the glass. Wala! You have created something that not only looks good, but tastes great too! :)



  1. Wow Gracie! This is one delicious looking smoothie! Yummy in my tummy :) xxx

  2. I really like the picture at the end of this post! =) Did you take that?

    Oh, and I wanted to let you know that I tagged you on my blog. I decided to tag some blogs that inspire me, and your blog was one of them! Have a blessed day!

  3. Hello Tara!
    Thank you so much for following my blog. I really appreciate it. Would you mind telling me how you found it? I just like to know how people come across it. :)

    Your blog is very sweet and I really like the title. Big families are wonderful and I'm so glad God has blessed you with one! Your little brother, Levi, is really sweet. Makes me want to jump through the screen so I can see him in person. (I love babies!)

    Your sister's recipe looks really good! I love smoothies, so I will try this one out (especially since I like PB and bananas!)

    This is a long comment, and I'm sorry, but I just scrolled down and thought it was funny that you are Elizabeth Bennet from that quiz. I'm her as well! :)

    Any how, hope you are having a wonderful day! :)

    In Christ's Service,

  4. Delicious!!! My goodness, all these great smoothie recipes are making me want to go make one :-) Me LOVE smoothies.

  5. @Perrin: Grace says: Thanks a lot Perrin! But Mommy helped me. :) ♥

    @Emily: Hi Emily! No I didn't take the picture, my wonderful Mom did! Thanks so much for tagging me in your blog, it means a lot!

    @Lilac Bud Gal: Hello Lilac!! I couldn't resist following your blog, it's just one of those ones that are so inspiring. ;) Thank you so much for saying my blog is sweet! I also love babies. They always make me smile. :)
    Grace says thanks for complimenting her on her smoothie!

    I found your blog through, well... A whole bunch of different teenage girls' blogs. When I saw your blog I knew I had to follow it!! :) I love long comments, they don't at all mind them!

    Lots of love

    Kathryn: Grace says: Thanks so much for your comment, Kathryn!

    Lots of love to all
    Tane & Grace♥

  6. Hi Tane and Grace
    This sure looks like a nice smoothie! Great combination! Tane it’s very sweet of you to let your sister enter on your blog, it’s totally fine with me! Thank you for entering.
    Have a blessed day

    1. Hi Heidi! Grace says thanks SO much! :) And I say thank you for visiting my blog, Heidi! :) Lots of love
      Tane & Grace♥


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