fun at our farm

Hi all! My family and I went to our farm for a couple of days after Christmas, and we got some beautiful pics.

^Little Levi in the hands of his older brothers... (Levi: "I know... They're just crazy over me. I mean, who couldn't be?")

Yeah, that's right! Punch some suckers! :) Or... Just give a simple thumbs up with your Dad's boxing gloves on.

There are at least 17 cows at our farm. Daniel, the farm hand, owns them all... ;) The calf in the picture is named Charlie... Actually, Grace and I named them all. Here are the cow's names, and a small description of them:

1.Mama Tara: A very beautiful brown and white female cow.
2.Moo: A noisy, but cute black and white male calf.
3.Sage: A cream colored cow with small horns and a ring through his nose.
4.Dude: A dark, brown male calf who has a small patch of white on top of his head.
5.Mama Calico: A calico female cow, who is Dude's mother.
6.Charlie: A friendly, cream colored male calf.
7.Choco: A darkish but golden brown, shy male calf.
8.Brownie: A chocolate brown, pretty female cow.
9.Horns: A scary and big brown, male, bull, who seems to be the top bull. 
10.Betzy: A big, greyish cream coloured gentle female cow.
11.Floppy: A floppy eared, playful looking male calf.
12.Mama Eve: A completely black and grumpy female cow.
13.Super Mama: A very strong, sturdy brown and white female cow. She also has horns.
14.Bobbie: A plain, smallish female cow who doesn't play a big part in the herd. 
15.Milo: A good looking cream coloured male calf with a patch of brown on his head.
16.Mama Midnight: A beautiful, black and white female cow with horns. 
17.Boogle: Another plain cow. He's a normal brown male bull, not too big.

I've got some more news, actually. My brother, Johnny finally got what he wanted! & iPod Touch, which he saved up for. :) But, I've also got bad news. Our dog had to be put down because she couldn't stand us giving the other dogs attention and whenever we did, she would bite them. She really hurt our oldest dog and it had to get stitches. :(

That's all for now.
-Tane xoxo


  1. Looks like you had lots of fun! Those pictures are really cute! Cool names for the cows, how do you remember each name and who's who? So sorry to hear about your dog though, Tane.
    Love Jessie

  2. Hello Jess
    We did have fun :) Well, we wrote down a list of the names and descriptions of the cows, then I just copied it onto the computer. Thanks for your comment! :D
    Lots of love


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